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In Character

See Stevie Maxwell.

Out of Character

Stevie has lived in Illinois for his entire life, and has worked at a resort for the last 14 years. He is a dabbler in a lot of things, though his main strength is an apparent knack for working with spreadsheets and low-level databases. He has been the GM for the Huntsville Mayors and the Albany Alphas, and can be reachable in most places as steviemaxwell (FA, Google, Skype), including email to steviemaxwell (at) gmail (dot) com, or via AIM as his primary alternate character StefanCalico.

Stevie is the current Commissioner of the league after Buck Hopper stepped down from five years of running the project.

Other Characters

These are a few names that Stevie is associated with:

League Players


  • Stefan Calico, male spotted tabby cat and Commissioner of the League
  • Jeff Hunter, retired male coyote point guard and current sports agent for the above players
  • Patrick Suarez, male jackal reporter for FBA News and frequent color commentator on FBA Courtside: LIVE!
  • Kawaru Yowai, male cabbit and former General Manager of the Albany Alphas
  • Audrey Baradi, female badger reporter for FSPN and FBA News
  • Burt Holst, male sloth bear freelance sports correspondent mostly covering Canadian teams