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The Poster Boy
Written by Wolfnumber9

October 14, 2017: Poster boy

Erik and Shandra walk out of the limo after driving for quite sometime. Erik, wearing his Pittsburgh warmup sweet pants and shirt as he just came from practice, looked disgruntled as he gazed upon the building in front of them.

“You sure it was a good idea to agree to this Shandra?” He asked.

Shandra took off her shades and cleaned them off with her suit and kept her confident smile shining as always.

“Erik, my boy.” She started. “You need to start taking dees opportunities when ya get them. Ya said no to every deal I show ya.”

“Like what?” Erik said while crossing his arms.

“Well, there was the gold spice commercial.”

“That cologne stinks anyway.”

“Then there was the insurance company.”

“I don’t use their insurance.”

“Then there was dat smoothie place.”

“They don’t have my favorite smoothie!”

Shandra put her head in her hand for a bit to collect herself then finally spook again.

“Look, you finally got a call back from a great business. PADZ! They loved you when you played for their street ball team and now they want you to model for them when they introduce their new street ball clothing line gear this year. They picked you Erik! That has to mean something to ya!”

“…Eh, whatever.”


“Alright, alright. I’ll go.” Erik said with a chuckle.

“Ugh, sometimes I wish you were as easy to advise as Tia. I tell that girl to sit down and don’t move and I guarantee I’ll see her next mornin’”

“I heard that!” Said Erik.

“Move dem spots boy and make some money with dat attitude!”

The two of them then both laughed.

After the two walked in, they were lead into a building with numerous furries. Make-up artist, clothing designers, photographers. The room was pretty packed. And before Erik could take a breath, a zebra instantly appeared right in front of him.

“There he is! Our star! How’s our favorite cheetah, huh?!” He said.

Erik almost punched the zebra in the face for surprising him like that.

“Uh, I’m a leopard.” Erik answered.

“Yeah, Yeah.” Said the zebra. “Anyways, I’m Jay and my job is to make look fierce for this photoshoot so we can really get our street ball gear flying off the shelves.”

“Why do you guys car about street ball so much anyway?” Asked Erik. “You're PADZ. FBA players are already wearing your stuff.”

“Well my spotted friend, sadly we here at PADZ have been given an…unwanted image and…”

“Let me guess, people think your style is soft and stuck up and real ballers wouldn’t waste their time with your clean, preppy style?”

The whole room fell silent. Finally, Jay said: “A little hurtful there Erik.”

“Hey…I call it like I see it.”
“Well, that’s where you come in Erik, because after you heroics in your home country, we feel you send the right image for our push to get a more…rough and tough from the streets style. And hey, if you're killing it out there on the court this season…you might be looking at a contract making you a PADZ athlete. Sounds nice right?”

“…I don’t know.” Erik said pondering his decision.

“Alright, look kid. You're not the only one we have on the list alright.

“Oh…a little hurtful there Jay.” Erik said jokingly.

“Yeah well, you started it.”
“Wow, what a mature conversation.” Said Shandra rolling her eyes.

“Anyway.” Jay continued. “We can call up Micah Davenport, Vic Vos, Li Ho Fook, you name it. But we chose you so I think you should take the opportunity because you're not getting another chance at this kid. I promise you that.”

Erik stood there quiet. Jay was a jerk, there was no denying that, but this could be Erik’s chance to show himself in this league. To make his image and send his own message.

He just had to take some pictures and do tear it up on the court.

“Fine.” Erik said. “Let’s do it.”

After a good two hours of uncomfortable make up and hair trimming later, Erik was put in front of the camera with a basketball in his hand ready to shoot some pictures.
“You look great! Like a real street baller!” Said Jay.

Erik felt uncomfortable as he was forced to wear a white tank and a big leather jacket. They covered his neck with useless chains and forced a Pittsburgh cap backwards on his head. The pants they put on him was way to big and it showed a bit of his underwear as well which Erik knew would earn him a sharp slap on the back of his head from his mother. The camera quickly started flashing away as Erik stood there annoyed and as hell.

“There you go! Yeah!” Said Jay. “Looking fierce! Yeah! I can feel the anger! The toughness!”

The camera only had to flash a few more times until Erik lost it.

“YOU FURRIES ARE FUCKING IDIOTS!” He yelled as immediately started to rip off the clothes forced upon him. The rest of the room looked in horror while Erik was on his rampage. Shandra looked down getting ready to pay for the clothes Erik ripped and leave the building as quickly as possible. Erik finally finished his tirade, leaving him shirtless with just the annoying baggy pants.

“You really think ‘this’ is what street ball is about?! You're all as dumb as you look!” Erik was breathing heavy through his speech. “It’s not about this flashy bullshit!…it’s about going on the court where no one knows you or cares about what you did…street ball is about going on the court, and feeling like you can take anyone on because you're trying to make a name for yourself…and you don’t do it with these clown clothes…you speak with your game…and nothing else.” Erik then looked around the room and in the heat of the moment, he had an idea. “I’ll show you.” He said as he walked out of the room and back in the dressing room.

The room fell silent until Erik finally returned. He returned to the room, shirtless with basketball shorts and shoes. He wiped off all the make up and wore a chain with a cross on it. He then grabbed the basketball and said:

“This…this is who I am. Now, when I say, you take the fucking picture and if you don’t like then I don’t care.”

Erik did one simple pose for the camera. The cameraman took the picture and Erik dropped the ball and grabbed his clothes.

“There’s your picture.” He said. “Come on Shandra, I feel like going back to the weight room tonight.”

The two left and Jay stood there silent with his crew still there. He then took the camera and looked at the picture that was took.

“You know…” He said. “I think I like this kid.”

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