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Standing Tall: ch.5
Written by Wolfnumber9

Standing Tall chapter 5

June 13, 2018

“Okay, Ronaldo. Don’t tell me you invited me to this little party just so you can drool at girls all night.” Said Daria.

“Well, since I heard you are a lesbian now, I figured why not have a few dancers.” Said the sly fox Ronaldo.

“I’m bi you insufferable pig, now why the fuck am I here. My time is precious...and expensive.”

“Ugh, don’t remind me. Every since you’ve been dating that basketball bitch you’ve been no fun anymore.”

“Okay, I’m going home.”

“Prada wants you in Paris to film a commercial and be in their magazine.”

Daria froze in her seat.

“Prada...wants me…commercial?” She uttered.

“Mmhmm. Who's the pig now?” He said with confidence.

“This better be real Ronaldo.”

“Plane leaves tomorrow. I told you I’d get you those connections girl.”

“This could be it...I could go on to get my own clothing…”

Daria’s phone buzzes. She quickly takes a look.

“Aw...Tia lost her game. They’re saying she is...out of the playoffs?...Whatever that means.”

“Uh excuse me! Cute fox over here getting you a Prada deal! Why are talking about that troll doll?”

“Aw, she must be, I’ll cheer her up tomorrow.”

“Bitch, you betta be on that plane tomorrow. And why do you care anyway. Aren’t you just using Tia to get more popular in America?”

“Ah yes, I do love these Americans and their simplistic style. A lot of good money here….aw, but Tia is fun…”

“I didn’t know living with a hillbilly was to your liking.”

“Ha! Yea...ugh and her mom was just as horrid. Holding a shotgun the whole time we were there...I’ll just stop by and give Tia a little motivation to perk her up. I got to keep my American fans happy.”

“And how are you going to do that?”

Daria squeezes her breast softly. “With the girls of course.”

Ronaldo laughs. “You dirty slut.”

“Dirty, rich, slut Ronaldo. Don’t forget rich.”

June 14, 2018

Tia sat down on her couch watching the sports channel. So many thoughts racing in her head. Her second season was over, her contract was over, and she could be on a new team next season and loose a lot of her friends. Her mother frequently called her and begged her to come back home. Her agent Shandra told her that she promises this off-season would be easy and that she’ll take care of everything. Still, as she watched the TV and listened to the analysts speak badly about her and her team, Tia still felt lost. Then the front door unlocked and opened. It was Daria.

“Good morning my lovely, lucky, girl!” She said and kissed her softly.

“Hey Daria.” Tia said.

Daria sat down and made a sad face. “So...I heard about what happened in games. So, you’re out of the playoffs?”

“Yea...the season is over and I might not even be on the Tides no more...I mean, they barely played me in the playoffs and got all these new centers...maybe they don’t like me.”

“Hey, you stop right there my snuggle bug. You see these arms, these legs, this amazing height you have...who wouldn’t want you!”

“Yea...I guess.”

“You did good this year TT. People know that. Your fans know that. And you know I love you.”

“...I love you too least I have you now.”

“Eh...well Tia...there are something I must tell you.”

“Sure, Anything.”

“ I have to leave for Paris to shoot a commercial and take some pictures.”

“Oh...okay...I was...I was hoping you could come back to Tennessee with me.”

“As much as I...would love to do that, I can’t...I just can’t...anyway! I will be gone for awhile, but I promise I will be back…”

“Okay...I understand…”

“But, I don’t want to comeback to a girlfriend, oh no...I want to come back to...a wife.”

“Oh...okay...who’s wife?”

“My wife.”

“You have a wife?”

“No Tia, I mean….will you marry me?”

Tia froze. Her eyes widened and her tail shot up straight. She quickly rose to her feet and paced back and forth.

“Marriage?!...b-but marriage means wedding and flowers and buying a house and birthen’ babies!...I don’t know nothin’ bout birthen’ no babies! And kids! And…!”

Daria quickly grabbed Tia’s waist which was as far as she could reach.

“Tia! Baby! Shhh, it’s have plenty of time to think about it okay?” Daria said.

“...o-okay…” Tia answered.

“Now.” Daria grabbed Tia’s hand and put it on her breast. “How about you hold on to these, we’ll get these clothes off, and...think about in the bedroom.”

“Uh...don’t know if I feel...whoa!…”

Daria’s hand slowly went down into Tia’s shorts. “Shh…less talking...more thinking.” Daria said as she forced Tia to the bedroom.

Five hours had passed. Tia awoke in the bedroom and looked at the clock. It was almost 6pm. She was nude and soon found out that she was alone. Daria had left and some of her clothes were gone out of the closet. Normally, this would sadden Tia to go back to sleep...but something was different...she felt...determined. Out of all the haters and people doubting her, she realized she had lots of support. She had her teammates, her mother, her agent, Shandra, and her soon to be wife. She has a wife, and she will prove to her and the whole world that no matter what...she will stand tall.

“I’m...going to the gym!” She yelled with confidence then she ran out the room with haste. She then slowly ran back and said. “Oops...need to...find clothes first.”

Meanwhile, Daria boarded the plane with ease and with Ronaldo in the seat in front of her.

“Wait, you told her you want to marry her?” He said.

“Relax, Tia won’t actually say yes. And even if she does, she won’t go public with it. She’s too shy. I’m just using this trick to break up with her and move on with Prada...ah Prada.” Daria answered.

“This is going to be worse then when she posted on tweeter about your family in Russia.”

“Yes, but the media ate that up nicely. Besides, a big fuck you to my father is always good press for me. Relax Ronaldo...I have this under control.”

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