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Standing Tall: ch.4
Written by Wolfnumber9

October 1, 2017: The Lynx and the Possum.

“Hello Miss Terra. Thank you for joining us for this interview. This being your second media week in the league, I’m sure you know how this goes.” Said the Hawk reporter giving Tia a microphone.

“Yep!” Tia said as she held the microphone up, sat up straight in her chair, and looked right at the camera.

“ would look better if you looked at me miss Terra.”

“But the camera is over there.”

“Yes, but it makes for a better shot so...if you wouldn’t mind.”


The Hawk then counted down from 3 and started the interview.

“Hey Tides fans, I’m here with number 22 of the Bangor Tides, Tia Terra at our live coverage of the Tides training camp. Tia, thanks for joining us.”

“Oh, you’re welcome.” Said the possum respectfully.

“So, heading into your second season now. What are you looking forward to the most and what have you been working on?”

“Oh, well I’m just excited to be playing for the team. I love Bangor and my teammates are all really nice. Um...something I’m working on?...oh! Mr. Kidane said I have to keep it a secret, but I’m working hard, I’ll tell you what!”

“That’s great to hear. So, outside of the court, life has been treating you well? I mean, I’ve heard you don’t even have a car yet.”

“Yea, hard to find one that’s comfy, but it’s okay now. Rebecca drives me to practice.” Tia then looks back and waves at her fellow teammate who’s working on free-throws.

“Thanks Rebecca!”

The reporter then quickly taps Tia on the shoulder to get her attention. “Well that’s good. But what about this new relationship you’re in with a certain russian supermodel?”

“Oh, Daria? Yea, she’s sweet ain’t she.”

“Would you say that she is a supporter or a distraction for you and the team?”

Tia paused. “Wait what?” she asked confused.

“Well, we’ve heard stories that…”

“Stories about what exactly?” Cried out a loud and proud voice from behind the camera.

Everyone froze and saw that Daria Demitri herself had made her presence known on the Tides Practice court.

“DD!” Shouted out Tia.

“How the hell did she get here?” Whispered the hawk to his earpiece. “Is she supposed to be here?”

Without hesitation, Daria strutted right into the shot and gracefully sat on Tia’s lap like a small child sitting on santa’s lap. Tia lowered the microphone and the two shared a quick kiss.

“Hello my pretty possum.” Daria said lovingly while on Tia’s lap.

“Daria!...How did you get here?”

“Well,” She started as she looked at the hawk reporter. “Apparently I was summoned here. Why did my name come up in this conversation?”

The reporter was at a lost for words, but finally he spoke.

“Well...I was just asking Tia were a supporter of the team.”

“Or a distraction.” Finished Daria. “I’ll have you know that I love Tia and everything she does and I do not distract her. Besides her mother, I am the only family she has and no nosey reporter is going to mess that up!”

Everyone was silent for a bit, until Daria spoke again. Tia was a bit shocked with Daria’s raised voice, but she still felt comfortable because, well, she was protecting her and Tia loved that about Daria.

“Now. Shall we talk about the basketball and the sports now?” Said Daria.

“Uh...yea so...Tia, how does it feel to play with Lance Wildfyre?”

“Oh he’s great! A great player too. I’m excited to start playing with him. I think he helps our team out a lot.”

“Good...well...I think that’s all the time we have now. We’ll be right back to get an interview with Pura.”

The camera cut off and the reporter looked very displeased.

“Well, that was embarrassing.” He started. “And you should be fined for barging in like that.”

“Heeeyyyy.” Tia said realizing the tone in the hawk’s voice. She then stood up in front of him now carrying Daria in her arms like a baby. Daria was a bit surprised by the act and even looked down to see how high she was.

“That’s not a nice thing to say.” Tia continued. “Daria is my girlfriend that means she is always welcome here.”

Tia then gave what she thought was a mean look, but it was more pouty then threatening. Regardless, arguing with a 7 foot 4 inch FBA player was not in his job description so the hawk took his camera crew and walked off.

“Aww, thanks TT.” Said Daria as she kissed Tia on the cheek.

Tia blushed and stood there for a moment. She remembered what Shandra told her and made sure that Daria knew that she was loved and protected.

“” Said Daria.


“Can you put me down now?”

“Oh!” Tia then quickly placed Daria down. “Sorry...heh.”

“It’s okay TT. Well, I must go now. Always fun popping in on you, but I have to get our new house ready.”

“Okay...wait...ya mean my apartment?”

“What, no. I bought us a new house silly. Big mansion too. Nice view. Didn’t cost too much either. You are moving in with me...riiiight?”

Tia hesitated. This seemed like it was going fast, but maybe is wasn’t. Maybe this is normal. Tia didn’t know. This was her first relationship, but she loved…

“Okay. I would love to move in with you.” Said Tia. “I’ll get my stuffed packed and…”

“Oh don’t worry, I moved all your stuff to the house already.” Said Daria. “By sweety! Have fun at practice! See you at home! Love you!”

Daria walked out through the doors and left Tia there stunned.

“Love you...too.”

“Tia! Time for weight room training!”

“Coming coach!”

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