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Standing Tall: ch.2
Written by Wolfnumber9

June 18th, 2017: Father’s day

The sun slowly brook through the window blinds and a shined on the opossum's face. Tia slowly awoke from her bed and rubbed her eyes softly. After messing with her hair and practically shoving it out of her face, she stood up and stretched out her arms and legs. She then casually look at her bed. Her feet would constantly hang off the end of it, but it was still comfortable.

The season was over. The Bangor tides sadly couldn’t make it to the playoffs which disheartened the players. Still, Tia decided to remain in Bangor and go back to her mother in July. She wanted to take the time to train more. The FBA was certainly a new challenge for her and even though she is a 7 foot 4 inch athletic center, her skill still needs a lot of work. She knew that now and was ready to better herself. She went to her kitchen/livingroom and made herself some cereal. She comfortably sat down on her sofa still wearing the tank top and boxer shorts that she slept with. She was alone. Shandra, her agent, was too busy helping Erik Kijani with his court case and her surprise girlfriend was nowhere to be found. The last thing Tia knew, Daria said she was entering a fashion show and she never got back to Tia. Still, the opossum was at peace, eating her cereal and looking through her phone...but then....the mood changed. She looked at her phone and noticed the small notification on tweetter that simply read: “Wish your father a happy father’s day!”

Tia abruptly dropped her spoon on the floor and froze.

“It’’s father’s day?” She uttered. Her mind began to spiral into a distressed state. It seemed the room began to spin. Thoughts began to run through her head.

“It’s father’s day?.....I didn’t know.....Where is he?.....Why did he leave?......Does he know me?........Does he know about me?......Does he love me?........Does he love me?........Why doesn’t he love me?.......”

Tia then laid down slowly on the sofa. It was always hard to think of her father. The numerous times she was bullied for not having a father cut her deeply. Her mother tried to be supportive, but all she used to do was tell Tia to go to her room and don’t speak about him.....ever. It was a deep emotional problem she tried to hide.....but on this day, with her being all was too much to bear and nothing or no one was around to distract her troublesome thoughts. Tears began to fill her eyes as she was curled on the sofa, hugging her tail tight.  Hours past and most of the day was already gone. The sun was almost to the point of setting. Tia remained on the sofa. She had rooted herself to the sofa feeling the most alone she had ever felt before. And it made it even harder that there was no shoulder for her to cry on. She felt empty, but....then something happened. Tires screeched outside and it was followed by a loud knock on the door. She wasn’t sure why, Tia felt that this knock shouldn’t be ignored. After ignoring phone calls and text all day, here she was, about to answer the door from a stranger’s knock. She unlocked the door and slowly opened was Daria. She was on the phone talking and there was a large limo behind her.

“Yes giiiiirrrrrlll!” She said. “Yes! That’s it’s exactly what I said, because who is dumb enough to put that much cheese on a freakin’ salad!...ugh! Any way, I have to go now. At the opossum’s house. Bye!”

She quickly hung up and approached Tia.

“Hey cutie! I just came by for a little bit to......Tia?”

Tia just stood there. She was unaware of how depressed she looked, but Daria could clearly see it.

“ you okay?” Daria asked.

Tia just looked down. All she could muster up to say was: “Hi Daria.”

Daria was suddenly very worried.

“Uh...James, wait here, I’m gonna stay awhile with Tia.” Said Daria.

The Zebra driver looked troubled.

“But miss Demitri.” He said. “I have to take you to the owners dinner in five minutes.”

“Well, if you don’t want to end up living in a box on the street, then I suggest you DON’T TALK BACK TO ME!!” Daria demanded. The driver could do nothing but sigh. Daria then held Tia’s arm and led her inside and quickly closed the door. She sat the opossum down on the sofa while she sat down on a chair beside her.

“Okay. Now.” Daria began. “What is troubling you my big fluffy lovely?”

Tia laid back down and was quiet.

“Come on baby......Talk to me.”

Daria was trying to think of anything to make her talk. She looked around the room for anything to help. She first grabbed a basketball.

“Here.” The lynx pleaded. “You want to play basketball?”

No answer. Daria then rolled the basketball near her.

“ stuff?” No response. “You know.....shoot the points.....slam the ball......Yay!.....four points!.....right?” Still no response.

Daria then thought of another idea. She ran to the fridge and looked around.

“Aha!” She said as she ran back to Tia with a bowl of biscuits in her hand. She then grabbed one and held it in front of Tia’s face.

“How about a biscuit? You love biscuits right?” She said. Tia barely even starred at the food in front of her. She felt empty, but couldn’t eat anything.

“Come on Tia!” Said Daria. “I’m trying everything here. Don’t you like biscuits?

“.......Mama always used to say that the reason I liked biscuits so much was because of my idiot father.” Tia finally said.

Daria was at first happy that Tia spoke, but soon, the word ‘father’ triggered her as well.

“Wait.” She started. “Are you like this because of Father’s day? UGH!! Don’t even get me started on my dad! He’s controlling, selfish, speciest as ever, you know he wanted me to be a boxer? Me? A boxer? Took lessons and everything. He already tried to disown me after I decided to be a supermodel. The bastard!.....what was your dad like? I bet he wasn’t as bad as mine. That’s like a new record.”

Tia was silent for a moment, until she softly uttered: “I don’t know....” Daria was silent.

“My father left us before I was born.” Tia continued.

“Well......why did he leave?”

Tia couldn’t hold the tears back when she said: “I don’t know.” She cried and softly said: “Why doesn’t me?”

Daria was in shock, but she immediately stood up and hugged Tia as she cried. She then got her phone and quickly called the driver outside.

“James..” She said. “Just go.....I’m gonna stay here tonight......Well fuck the honey needs me tonight.”

The driver drove away and Daria continued to hold Tia tight. “You know what?” Daria said. “Who cares about our fathers.” Tia looked at Daria and said: “What?”

“You heard me. Who gives a shit. I mean look at us. A professional athlete and an international supermodel....Our fathers had nothing to do with that. We made that happen all on our own.”

“....we did?”

“Tia, listen sweetheart.” Daria said while caressing Tia’s head. “We decide who we are going to be in this world, okay? You are what you are because of what you did. Don’t let your father screw that up.”

Tia looked at Daria with her eyes still water. But she looked at Daria in awe. To Tia, Daria was probably the most determined and self motivating person ever, only second to her mother.  “So......I am....what I am....because of me?” Tia said. “Say it again.” Daria said.

“I am what I am, because of me.”

“Louder honey! Really feel it!”

Tia then stood up and said: “I am what I am, because of me!”

“That’s my girl!” Daria said as she tightly hugged Tia around her waisted. “Now bend over so I can kiss you!”

Tia did as she was asked and Daria held her cheeks tight.

An order of chinese food later, the two were found laying down on the sofa watch Daria’s favorite modeling show ‘Operation Runway’. Daria laid on top of Tia who stretch out over the couch. Tia offered to sit in a chair, but the lynx repeatedly told her that laying on her was very comfortable and she was surprisingly soft.

“That seems like a silly dress.” Tia said, watching the show very closely.

“I know right! Ugh, what awful choice of material. And why use leather?...I swear these damn superhero movies are ruining the fashion industry. I mean, could you imagine me wearing something that tight and showing all that fur?”

Tia blushed a little bit and said: “Um......I think it would be......kinda cute.”

Then Tia looked at eachother for a minute, until Daria poked Tia’s muzzle and said: “You think I would look good in anything, don’t you?”

“Uh....yea.....” Tia said, a bit nervously.

“And that’s why I love you.” Daria said after giving her a kiss on the cheek.

Soon, it was 1 in the morning and Daria was already fast asleep on top of Tia’s stomach. Tia was still up. Once she saw that Daria was asleep, she changed the channel to college basketball highlights. Eventually, Tia decided it would be best for Daria to sleep in her bed while she slept on the sofa. Tia picked Daria up and cradled her like she was child. She then walked over to the bed and gently placed her down.

“Goodnight Daria.” She said. She then began to leave the room until she heard Daria call her name.

“Tia?” She said. “Wait, where are you going?”

Tia turned around and said: “Oh, thought you were sleep. I’m sorry. I was just....” “Come to bed with me.....I want to give you something?” Daria interrupted.

Tia then walked to the bed and bent down to Daria’s level.

“Hello.” Tia said. “So, what did you want to give.....”

Daria then quickly took off her top and undid her bra. Before Tia could say another word, Daria grabbed Tia and forced her into the bed. Tia was at first shocked, but Daria made her comfortable. Made her happy. Her heart took over now and Daria became her first that night.

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