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Shooting Blind
Written by MigeYeFoxe

Kresta situated herself to one of the smaller hoops off to the side. The All Star events hadn’t quite yet started, but they will in a day or two. Today was mainly a means for people to practice together, and otherwise hang out. And Kresta was intending on doing at least a bit of mingling later, but not now. For now she needed to make sure her skills were fully honed. And so, the silver fox had a rack of balls with her and her usual practice blindfold and was shooting at the hoop completely blind. Once the balls were all shot, she’d pick them up and do another set, using sound as her only cue for when they went in. After a few sets she’d change location.

“Well, look who we have here?” An older voice, one that instantly is grating on Kresta’s nerves. Of course she’d be here. Why wouldn’t she? How could she possibly choose to be anywhere other than where Kresta was trying to concentrate.

“Ugh, hello Doloris,” Kresta sighs, not even bothering to stop in her motion but instead continuing what she was doing beforehand on the hope that she’ll get the hint and just leave.

“Not going to stop what you’re doing and look at your obvious better? The nerve of people these days, I swear,” Doloris scoffs as soon as Kresta begins her shooting motion.

“What do you want, Doloris?” Kresta groans after completing the motion. If she her shooting motion could be interrupted by simply someone talking she would have never gotten nearly as far as she had.

“Oh, I just wanted to tell you about how well my Timothy is doing. He’s on the number one team. Finally our town has someone we can root for. I hear they may throw him a parade in the off-season, wouldn’t that be great?”

“That’s nice, can you go now? I’m kind of in the middle of something,” Kresta comments, half rolling her eyes under the blindfold as she takes another shot.

“I don’t know why you even bother. Not like anyone watches the event. They just check up on it once it’s done to see who won. Really they should just discontinue the event, even if it is the only event you’ll ever be able to attend.”

“Security!” Kresta shouts, not really bothering to take the blindfold off to make sure that one is nearby. There should be some in the area and more importantly Kresta has gotten sick of dealing with Doloris anyway and it’s clear she’s not here to just brag about her kid and leave.

“Now little Timothy, he made the Rookie Challenge, and his team will win, just you watch. Just as his team will win the Finals and if that Hussy stops sabotaguing my poor boy he’ll make the All-Star game next year for sure, a few you’ll never reach. And you know why? Because you’re just a short, little fox playing dress-up in the real world. I hear your team is near the bottom of your division, which is the norm for you isn’t it? No team is going to make finals with you on it because you’re on it. Your little get-up may make you recognizeable, but once the league is done with you, no one will remember who you are, just as no one remembers who your dad was.”

“Ma’am, is this woman bothering you? Do you want her removed?” A new voice asks, one Kresta doesn’t recognize.

Kresta removes her blindfold to get a look at the voice, just in case. Definitely security given the big black shirt with the word ‘SECURITY’ written on it. This particular security is easily twice Kresta’s size and is a rabbit seemingly built like a truck.

“That won’t be necessary, dearie. The whore hasn’t done anything to offend me yet. Thanks for asking though,” Doloris responds, as if the fact the security guard was an herbivoric species meant that they’d instantly take her side over Kresta’s.

“Ma’am?” The rabbit states again, not having even seemed to notice Doloris’ comment.

“Yes, please,” Kresta nods at him, then goes to start collecting all the balls she had already shot while the headband was still off.

“Come along then,” the rabbit instructs, moving in such a way to forcefully escort her away if she did not go willingly.

“What? How dare you take the side of that filthy slinger over me. Do you not know who I am? I’ll have you fired for this. And you! I hope you choke on your stupid little event!” Doloris shouts after Kresta, who did her best to ignore it but was putting up no real resistance to being escorted away.

Kresta went to and picked up the balls and put them back on the rack before putting her blindfold back on. She grabs one and after taking a deep breath shoots it at the hoop. The ball doesn’t even hit the rim.

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