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Written by JWolfman

January 24th, 2018

Adam Tevela honestly didn’t think he would be back in Oranjestad, especially after hearing the news of two exotic dancers here accusing him of pregnanating them. The linsang publically denied his involvement with them, but he grew tired of crowds taunting him during his road games, and he felt it was like a black cloud looming over his head day after day. It bothered him enough to distract from his game play, and his performance suffered from inconsistency. He knew that he has to confront this matter personally, and thus during his FBA suspension due to a rather nasty incident against the Albany Alphas with Yesina Selas, he came back to the capital of Aruba.

He arrived there incognito, with no tweets announcing his presence there, a night-time flight, and a dark blue Ocean Pacific hoodie to cover most of his upper body features. After sleeping in a hotel near Downtown Oranjestad, he navigated through the streets of the island city to find a small office building with the name ‘Carrel & Samson’ on a board above the door. With a loud huff, the linsang entered the building and looked around, his eyes almost immediately fixating on the receptionist behind her desk on the floor lobby.

The black feline receptionist first greeted in Dutch, but upon seeing Adam’s confused face, she repeated in English. “Welcome to Carrel & Samson Law Firm, how can I help you sir?”

“Is Milan Carrel available?” Adam replied as he stood facing her.

“He’s in his office right now… what is your name, sir? Are you one of his clients?”

“No… my name is Adam Tevela. The basketball player from New York?” He said, taking off his sunglasses.

The receptionist paused, looking up at his face. Word travels fast in a place like Oranjestad, and the scandal involving Tevela and the two club strippers Corrie Bimoll and Anne Verstappen were notorious enough to be frontpage headlines in the island newspapers for some time. She blinked a few times and once she regained her wits, she reached to grab her desk phone. “I’ll call him in… take a seat please, Mr. Tevela.”

Adam nodded but decided to simply pace within the lobby instead of sitting as the receptionist made her call. Less than a minute later, a male Golden Retriever dressed in a dark blue suit and sporting dyed black hair to cover his aging greys, stepped into the lobby from his office. He cleared his throat and looked up at the 6’9” linsang.

“Mr. Tevela? It’s a surprise finding you here…”

Adam nodded. “I don’t know if I should be back here but… I want to see the ladies that you represent.”

Milan Carrel frowned slightly, the lawyer crossing his arms. “Ms. Bimoll and Ms. Verstappen, I assume? Well I don’t know if I can arrange that, especially if they don’t want to see you. Why do you want to see them?”

Adam nearly bit his lower lip but he stood himself straighter and sucks in a curt breath. “I want to settle.”

“Settle…?” Milan raised an eyebrow. “But you’ve been publicly denying--”

“I know. I want to settle.” Adam repeated, the words more firm in tone.

“Will you be willing to take a blood test?”

Adam shook his head with a sigh. “No need… I know the truth and I want to settle…”

“I see… let me call them first and I’ll let you know about anything further,” Milan replied almost incredulously. “I’ll call your agent.”

“No, don’t call Mr. Corker. He doesn’t know that I’m here…” Adam replied quickly, and pulled out a slip of paper, handing it to him. “My private cell number. Use that instead.”

Milan hesitated but he finally accepted the paper. “Alright… this is risky. You may get in trouble with your own team or the FBA, understand?”

Adam sighed. “I want this mess over with.”

“Hm. Well I’m sure they want this settled as well. I’ll call you later tonight, Mr. Tevela.”

“Hopefully,” Adam simply replied and then turned to leave the building. Milan sighed as well and then turned to face his receptionist, speaking in his native Dutch to never let word of this leave this building. The receptionist quietly nodded.

Several phone calls and most of the day later, Adam found himself in a small conference room within the law firm building, with the lawyer Milan escorting him inside. Upon seeing the two female civets Corrie and Anne already inside the room, Adam’s body froze momentarily as his eyes soak in the visual details of them. The last time he saw them, it was on separate mornings early last summer at his expensive Aruba resort suite, their slender curvy naked bodies cutely sleeping on his bed. He suddenly remembered their nights together, and he cleared his throat in order to snap himself back to reality.

“Hello ladies…” Adam said quietly. The former exotic dancers refused to return a greeting to him, their faces remaining cold in expression. Anne in particular narrowed her eyes, and she leaned back on her seat to cross her arms across her large bosom. Adam couldn’t help but notice both of their chests were larger than he remembered them as, but then realized that they just went through pregnancy. That thought provoked him to glance around looking for the babies, but there were no sign of them. He sighed and slowly sat by the table across from the ladies and their lawyer.

“Where’s your attorney, Mr. Tevela?” Milan asked.

“I don’t have one with me,” Adam replied. “I want this settled as quickly and quietly as we can.”

“Quietly?” Milan retorted. “There won’t be anything quiet about all this in the end.”

“That’s at the end, sir. We haven’t even started on this yet... “ Adam sighed and then his eyes turn back to look at the ladies. “What do you two want from me?”

Their lawyer opened his mouth as if to speak, but Corrie quickly reached her paw over to rest onto Milan’s arm, stopping him. She then looked back at Adam, speaking in English with a notable Dutch accent. “Several things. A public apology. Spoken, not written. In front of reporters and on television.”

Adam frowned slightly, mostly in confusion. “An apology for what?”

“For denying everything!” Anne cut in with a sharp tone. “You knew the truth and you denied it!”

“Well I couldn’t just admit it!” Adam replied and sighed loudly. “But… I’ll apologize.”

“In public in front of television live,” Corrie repeated.

Adam’s ears twitch and he dryly swallowed. “Anything else?”

“Five hundred thousand Aruban florin per year, for ten years,” Corrie said and then looked at her attorney.

“That amounts to almost $280,000 in American dollars…” Milan translated, albeit nervously awaiting Adam’s response.

Adam paused for a few moments until the number amount finally sunk in his mind and he clenched his jaws tightly. He pounded a fist onto the table and quickly stood up with a glare expression on his face. “What? That’s bullshit!”

“It’s for child support, Mr. Tevela… please calm down.” Milan replied softly.

“Almost three hundred fucking grand for both of you!?”

“Yes… each. Equal amounts.”

Adam shook his head, his ears pinned back in anger. His jaws clenched and he was half-tempted to grab that attorney and throw him through a window. Although his tail twitched rapidly, he kept his anger under control for the most part as he looked back at them. “So that’s what… almost four hundred eight grand a year total?! You don’t need that much money.”

“You’re paid millions for playing basketball,” Corrie countered, frowning.

“And a lot of that goes to taxes,” Adam retorted with a loud sigh. “It’s just too much… I’ll pay for child support but… seriously, that amount is too much.”

The two civet ladies look at each other and then turn back to Adam. “You don’t understand, Adam,” Anne said. “We had to quit our jobs. We became treated like… outcasts. Our neighbors, old friends, they rejected us. Online, people called us whores and worse.”

“I’m not responsible for how other people behave,” Adam replied with a huff.

“Oh fuck you…” Anne growled. “You made us both pregnant… we’re the ones that had to carry our children, and we’re the ones that have to raise them. We even demand you wear protection and you refused, saying that we won’t be pregnant, and look what happened!”

Adam slumped back onto his chair and he massaged his forehead, looking down at the table in front of him. “That was… a mistake. But I still say the amount is too much.”

Anne leaned back on her chair. “Then… we will take this to court.”

Adam’s hands press onto his face, and he looked at them between his fingers. For several long moments, he went quiet, wondering how two nights of fun started a domino effect that led to this point. He already knew that he has a sex addiction, but the price to pay became costlier and costlier. If only he listened to them when they did demand that he wear protection! He let out a deep sigh and leaned forward, putting his hands down to the table. “Fine.”

Milan raised an eyebrow. “You… agree to the terms?”

“I really don’t want to go to court. I’ll make the apology and give you the money,” Adam confirmed with a sense of defeatism in his tone of voice, and then he frowned. “As long as I don’t see the both of you again.”

“Flikker op,” Anne muttered in Dutch under her breath. Although Adam had no knowledge of the language, he could tell it was profane due to her tone, but he chose to dismiss it.

Milan however straightened up on his seat nervously at the sudden tension and then cleared his throat. “I’m sure you’re anxious to go back to the United States, Mr. Tevela, but I would like for you to stay another day here so that you can sign the papers as soon as I’m done writing them down.”

As soon as Adam nodded in agreement, both Anne and Corrie stood up. “We’re done here for now,” Anne said and without another word, the two civets turned and left the room quickly. Milan watched them and then looked back at Adam.

“Hopefully once this is final, you can refocus back on your basketball.”

Adam rolled his eyes and stood up with a huff of breath. “Whatever. Just do your job, dude… give me a call when you’re done.”

“Right,” Milan replied and he slowly stood up to leave for his office. Adam followed him out of the room, and not catching another glimpse of the civets, he silently walked back to his hotel room.

How many children do I even have now? Two? No wait… three. The thought alone made him mutter under his breath as he walked. “Goddamnit.”

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