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Plays are hard
Written by MigeYeFoxe

Dear Momma,

Plays are hard. The coach keeps trying to learn me all these plays and I’m trying, momma, but they do a lot of one play can be several different things depending on things and just trying to get them all straight makes my head hurt. And then they get mad at me when I do the wrong thing. The FBA is a lot harder than college ball. The people here don’t let me be good very well. There was a long stretch of time when they didn’t let me score even a single point and I was sad, but I’m trying to get better.

The team is pretty nice and have been nice to me even when I’m not doing too much. But a lot of them like to eat meat. I’ve told them a couple times that eating meat is wrong but they said they like eating meat and I haven’t done good yet to really force the issue. One nice lady said she liked orange juice so I’ve been getting her orange juice every day. I think she likes it. They’ve also been having me do a lot of that rookie hading? Hailing? That thing they make rookies do because they’re rookies. For the most part it’s just them making me carry things from one place to another. They once tried to have me do something complicated for them, but I screwed it up and forgot what all they wanted and had to call them to figure that out. Since then it’s been mainly carry bags to and from places, or to carry a paper to some place, give the paper then carry what they give me back to the team. I don’t mind that too much.

I’ve been thinking of getting onto that tweeter thing, momma, but someone on the team said that only players that have scored at least one hundred points are allowed to get onto tweeter. So I’ll just have to wait a bit longer until I can join the tweeter. There are a lot of rookies already on the tweeter. I don’t know how many points they’ve scored but if you need at least one hundred to join tweeter they must be doing pretty good. I hope to score one hundred points soon so that I can join the tweeter myself.

The team had somewhat of a rough start but seems to be going pretty well now. We recently had a strip of winning a whole bunch of games in a row, which was really nice. The team was really happy about that. The reporters after the games would ask people questions and stuff about our thoughts on the game. They sometimes come to ask me questions but they’re really hard questions sometimes and I try to answer them as good as I can and then they stare at me a few seconds before moving on to someone else. I think based on the smiles on their faces and the laughs I hear them make sometimes that I must be giving really good answers. But they don’t ask me all that much and none of what I say seems to make the papers. I think that once I start doing good more they’ll start putting my answers into the papers. I look forward for that.

I think once I’ve figured out how to do the plays good I’ll be doing much gooder and then you’ll be able to be really proud of me momma. But plays are hard. Coach has tried something of making it easier by having the person with the ball signal what they want me to do with their tail but that’s sometimes hard to see since they generally are facing in my general direction anyway and the tail is usually behind them. But I’m trying and the team doesn’t get too mad at me when I make a mistake and don’t do exactly what they need me to do. I’ll keep trying to learn the plays even though they make my head hurt, and I’ll keep trying to get gooder at all the things so that eventually the team can be proud of me and maybe one day start a game when no one is hurt. Thing I don’t want the mostest is to feel like I let the team down, and I felt like that a lot during the time I couldn’t score any points. I don’t want them to be disa-thingy with me and I want to do them proud. So I’m going to go back and try to get good some more.

Later, momma.


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