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Oliver Beusey interview with Hector Hart
Written by Fraddas & Roger

On behalf of FMZ, welcome to the Oliver Report! Earlier today I got to sit down with one of the draft candidates of the 2016 FBA draft class. Hector Hart. A deer shooting guard from Oxford, Mississippi, and one of a few who figured in this year’s top 24 class, at number 20, going drafted 26th as one of the five draft picks made by the Bangor Tides, who has talked to us about the experience...

H.H: “Well, I'm not gonna lie.. I was hoping to get picked sooner than I did. I started to get real nervous after pick 20. But like you said, Bangor had a lot of draft picks this year. A lot of it comes down to what positions Bangor needed most. With Raoul killing it so hard this season, I can see how a new guard wasn't as high a priority”

Going early in the second round isn't a bad thing though, especially if you work hard in proving yourself, just like, for example, Lachs in Texas, who went 27th and Fiora in Williamsburg who went 47th.

H.H: “That I know. I've been grinding my hooves on court floors for a long time, I've put buckets of sweat into it, and I take it seriously. That said, all those other top 24 guys work just as hard. That's what makes the difference, and being in that list means I’m doing something right.”

Every rookie aspiring to make the Top 24 of the FBA or make the best of the best draft for any sport list has to have drive and passion and dedication into the work they put in and no doubt Hector Hart has the right work ethic and mentality to go the distance. I asked him where he gets it from and to my shock he hits me with this

H.H: “I was a professional with the Oxford Ballet for… oh man... around four years? Yeah, that’s about right.”

Four years of professional ballet for The Oxford Ballet?! I gotta tell you guys, Holy Lion Christ, not even joking. You need at least four years of ballet classes under your belt just to even show at a tryout! Hector gave us details on how he qualified to be in one of the toughest ballet groups in the States.

H.H: “My mother is a ballet instructor. I started dancing with my sisters when I was 8, and I actually got pretty good at it.”

Now, I know some may say “Ballet and basketball have nothing in common” or “Sports athletes work harder than any ballerina.” To those who say that I'd say to take the word from this very passionate deer.

H.H: “I'd practice for six hours a day, just like I do now. Every day; and that's not counting the time I spent in the gym. It was grueling, you know, but that's how it is. FBA's got its game, OB's got its game. Ballet is pure physicality, you know. It's all hard work and body, just made up pretty to look like grace and expression. It's fun, don't get me wrong, and it's a part of my life I don't regret at all and it really helped prepare me for the kind of physicality I've got to put out on the court every day now, but basketball... Basketball is my love. Basketball is mental. There's no rehearsal, there's no one to shout 'Hey, you missed that field goal, let's take it from the top'. You either react, and you get it right the first time, or you missed it, buck. You've gotta keep track of the ball and four other guys, rely on your team to know what they're doing, and take opportunities when they show up. It's a whole different game”

You had to be there in person to hear how fired up this young buck got. I could see his passion in describing how two different worlds are not really that far apart from one another, which leads us to another question, why on earth did he decide to give up the stage and tights for a Jersey and a basketball court?

H.H: “I fell in love with it. I started playing in high school, and only really started getting good at it in college. I loved it enough to quit my whole career path. I left the Oxford Ballet and started playing college ball and never looked back.”

To give up something you got a gift for, for something you fell in love for sounds almost like insane talk. Don't worry, he is modest about it.

H.H: “I'm making more money than my the whole troupe could pull in, and having twice as much fun. I'm really honored to be a part of the team that are going to be the next champions”

Like I said, modest. As our time together grew short I decided to throw in some fan service questions. Like, is he single?

H.H: “Not anymore! Actually, I just made it all official with a girl I met at the combine, who lives here in Bangor. What are the odds? I don't want to call her out on the camera or anything, not without asking her first, but hey babe! Shout out. Love you!”

How he felt about the upcoming game against the Tennessee Moonshiners...

H.H: “I'm feelin' bad for Tennessee, I like that team a lot but the Tide's coming in”

And what he has planned for his future in the league?

H.H: “Well, if I can make the sport my career, that'll be all the accomplishment I need. I feel like I've already reached the top, and now it just need to seal the deal and win a championship with the Tides."

He also revealed to us his endeavors off the court…

H.H: “I've already started working with a charity called Simple Needs. Just go to their website, Simple It's a group that provides temporary, short term assistance for families in financial crisis, like.. a child needs an eye surgery badly, or a veteran is going to have his power cut off. Traditional charity organizations can help a lot, but there's still a place for a group like Simple Needs, because when you're about to lose your power, man.. you need help right now. They do a really good job vetting their people, and you go to their website and read the stories and donate to people individually, or give for the organization to doll out, or set up a monthly recurring contribution. I'm also working with some other teammates to do some stuff around the local Bangor area with high school kids and after school programs. It's been a real blast. I WISH we had more time for stuff like that during the season, but we're just gonna have to make up for lost time after we win”

There you have it ladies and gentle furs, Hector Hart, a modest young rookie who started out as a ballerino and waltzed into the FBA basketball courts and into the hearts of fans. To see more of Hector Hart, purchase your FBA tickets at In closing here's his message to you the fans.

H.H: “Thanks, shout out to my fans, my Heartos, I love you guys! Hart to Heart!”

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