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Conspiracy of Meerkats Ending Part A
Written by JWolfman

Over the past few months, I had been in hiding with assistance from a good friend of mine from Miami, and I had to hide in order to survive. When I heard news of my apartment burning down, I knew that my paranoia was vindicated and while I did try to keep up with my job as a sports journalist and occasionally posted on Tweeter, most of my time was spent doing idle chores in my hideout spot and researched on law and on the Westerlyn web of corruption that resided under their social pillars of elitism.

While I was residing in the hideout spot, a detective from the city of Baltimore arrived with my friend Will Steinberg, and we decided to work together to uncover more clues. I presented the detective with physical evidence of bribery from this shell company called Dundelson and Wetson LLC and the detective decided to present his case and evidence to the Federal Bureau of Investigations in an effort to have them cooperate with him and make use of their wide pool of resources.

As it turned out, the FBI’s investigation on Dundelson and Wetson revealed quite a few interesting things. Not only was it a shell company used to store millions of dollars in assets for the purpose of tax evasion, but it was used to receive income and manipulate the accounting books for Westerlyn’s corporation, Crowshire Daughterway. While the FBI could pursue Trent Westerlyn just on this evidence alone, I wanted to persist the investigation on the actual auction sale of the Baltimore Spirits. So we dug deeper and deeper into this shell company’s archives which was allowed thanks to recent deregulation of anonymity laws signed by Delaware’s governor, James Catney.

Just a few days before the judge on that lawsuit was scheduled to make a ruling on the case, one of the FBI agents approached me with some startling news. Four wired transactions of $130,000 appeared at random intervals on the shell company’s balance sheets, and all sent to a name: Daniel Ricin Somerest. As it turned out however, that name doesn’t belong to an actual person but rather another shell company, and thanks to the recent deregulations, we found out the company’s owner was Vince Bullock.

Vince Bullock was the overseeing judge over the auction sale that led to Trent Westerlyn buying the Baltimore Spirits. This meant that the shell company owned by Trent Westerlyn’s company sent four payments to the shell company owned by the judge, in return for having Westerlyn’s under-valued bid win the auction.

We found the Smoking Gun.

With this new evidence, the FBI rapidly gathered the documents and sent them to Judge Nathan McDouglas, the judge of the civil lawsuit against Westerlyn. On the day before the court ruling, the judge summoned the legal teams of both sides into his office behind closed doors, but none of them leaked any information about what transpired there.

On Monday morning, April 16th, 2018, Judge McDouglas ruled that in light of all the evidence, Trent Westerlyn’s winning bid on the Baltimore Spirits is now null and voided. With one slam of the gavel, Westerlyn’s ownership of a team in the FBA is no more, and the FBI charged him for multiple crimes from tax evasion, physical intimidation, extortion and bribery to name just a few. The FBI is still on the lookout for Judge Bullock, whom had apparently fled the country with the money.

The search for a new Baltimore Spirits owner begins. As for me, it’s time to return home and rebuild my life. I missed my job at FurSports-dot-net, and I eagerly look forward to writing and continuing new sports columns and rankings. I want to thank Will Steinberg for his assistance and support, and for my journalistic colleagues that also spoke up in supporting me, such as Mitch Dunn and Cedric O’Toole.

Life doesn’t always have happy endings. Sometimes justice isn’t served and corruption escapes from the clutches of karma. It is times like those that make me feel where the good people actually are, and if they are not standing by idle, why do they allow evil to silence their voices? If their voices aren’t silenced, what have become of society for not listening?

This is not one of those times.

~~Tashira Rucson, FurSports-dot-net

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