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Cloricia "Tex" Teixeira: To Start a New 2
Written by Wolfnumber9

May 29, 2017: Where it all counts

I honestly don’t even know where the time went. I’ve been under a rock this season that I barely know what’s been happening in the FBA. It’s honestly all a blur. One thing I do know is that Seattle does not mess around. Their training is something fierce and I just try to keep up with everyone. I feel like I have really improved this year, but it hasn’t come easy. All the hours in the gym and in the film room….it’s been nuts. Teresa has been the only friend along with me this season. I also made good friends with Kenny and Jeri, and Turner is always pretty….entertaining at practice, but I haven’t seen my papa in so long. My job has been taking over….but….isn’t that a good thing? Aren’t I supposed to eat, sleep, and breathe basketball? That’s what the greats did. That’s what Healey did. And it’s not like I don’t love the game anymore, it’s not that. It’s just….is there such a thing as working too much. I’m not complaining, I’m just…

“Hey Cloricia!” Someone yelled. I was startled. Was I daydreaming on the bus again? It was Kinny.

“Coming Kinny!” I said as I grabbed my bag and walked off the bus with him.

It was pretty cold, but I guess expecting Alaska to be warm is pretty silly. We had some Seattle fans waiting for us, cheering for us too….well, cheering for Kinny. Everybody liked Kinny. People barely knew who I was. Hopefully I can finally make a name for myself here. If there is any place to do it, it’s the playoffs. I really consider myself lucky for being able to be on teams that make the playoffs, but with the Alphas out this year, we have 16 hungry teams now trying to get that champion, and we are one of them. I know I haven’t been talking to my father or Mike in a long time, but if we win this championship….it will all be worth it.

Featured Characters

Cloricia Teixeira Kinny DeMarcus

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