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Cloricia "Tex" Teixeira: To Start a New 1
Written by Wolfnumber9

September 30, 2016: A New Start

Alarm rang at 5am like everyday. I wake up, eat a banana and drink some orange juice and go for my run around Huntsville. Huntsville is a pretty nice town. It’s not the best, but ever since Healey Davis came, the city quickly became a basketball city. Still young and they don’t know what the hell they want the team to be....kinda reminds me of....well me. Don’t take that as some kind of “I found myself” moment. I’m not that sappy, but as I run through the same streets and go through the same stores and see the same smiling faces, I’ve grown to really like this place....but growing up with my dad, I’ve learned that you can’t get too comfortable in one place because next thing you know, you’re moving to another town. That’s just life I guess. Moving is a part of life....and looking at this free agent period, it doesn’t seem like Huntsville is going to be home for me anymore.

Phone rings. Right in the middle of my run.

“Hello?” I say as I try to catch my breath from running.

“Hey Tex. It's Mike.” Said the caller.

“Hey Mike.” I answered. “What's up? Make it a little quick. I'm on my running route.”

“Well, excuse me miss workout professional.”

“ what's up?” I said with a silly smile.

“Nothing much, just giving you an update on the camp. It went really well this summer and I think the kids really enjoyed meeting an FBA superstar.”

“Ha, superstar? You must be talking about some other Coyote point guard.”

“Nah. None of them have your cute eyes.”

I giggled a little. “You have any other news or are you just going to flirt with me all morning.”

“Alright. I see that you're busy.”  “Uh.....yea.” I said sarcastically. “But it's okay, it’s not like you’re wrong. I'm just surprised you didn't complement my hair.”

“Okay, no you're just messing with me.”

I laughed because he was so right. I love messing with him. “See you around Tex.” He said.

“Take care Mike.” I answered

I hung up and started back on my run.

Once I got back to my apartment, I started to eat my real breakfast: I made an omelet with spinach and steak in it. Yes, I got the steak idea from Wendy. I’ll admit that Wendy has been quite a role model for me....well basketball wise. She helped me be a better athlete and I at least thank her for that. After I was done cooking my meal, I made one for Teresa too. She was supposed to be already here for breakfast, but she’s been pretty busy talking with teams and making sure I’m on some team at the end of this free agency period. My old team already completed some offers with some of my teammates already and along with that, they signed a new point guard....I guess congrats to him. That Ryan Ottley guy really deserved it. He’s a good player. Now....I just want to know where I’m gonna go. A few hours past and Teresa finally showed up.

“You’re late.” I said as I ate the last bite of my omelet.

“I know, I know.” She said as she dropped all of her bags and stuff on the floor. She looked real professional. With a suit and all that. Hair and makeup on point. You could tell she was talking to some very uppity people.

“I made you breakfast. It’s in the microwave.”

“Oh, what did you make?” She said all excited.

“Just omelets.” I started to realize that she was stalling something. “So how did the meetings go? You told me you had to go to a few this morning.”  “Um.” She said with some hesitation. “They were okay. They said they would call me if the had any offers or anything. Some went really well so I think you’ll find the right team.”

“’s the last day to offer any deals and I have seen no sign, at all. I could really go for some good news now.”

“ make good omelets?” She answered.

There was a pause. I laughed a little and stood up. I gave her a hug and said.

“I understand you’re trying.Thank you. I’m sorry that I’m a hard sell.”

“Hermana, enough.” She said. “You’re a great play Tex. Any team would be lucky to have you, so have some faith, okay? We have one more day.”

I smiled and hugged her again. “Thanks friend.” I said.

“No problem.” She answered back.

Time went on and more and more deal were being made, but our phones were still silent. I went to go work out again to try to get my mind off of everything. Just went to the local gym and did some weight work. I’m not allowed in the Huntsville gym anymore so.....yeah. No one noticed I was a FBA player as usual, but it’s cool. I find it kind of relaxing when I can work out only. Dangelo’s antics were pretty entertaining though. And having Wendy motivate us and having Josh around to make jokes....I’m gonna miss Huntsville. I don’t know where I’ll go, but I’ll still remember them all. Suddenly, while I was on the leg press, I got a call from Teresa.....I got an offer from the Queens Pride. One year.......One million.....It’s not much, but it may be all I got.

“I don’t get it. Why aren’t we taking this deal?” Said Teresa.

“I know it sounds crazy, but if there is one thing I learned from Vincent Wei, it’s that nothing is over until the final buzzer.” I answered.

“Tex. You’re my girl. You know that, but we both have been begging for a deal for like....a long long long time now and finally one comes up.....I mean.....what if they change their mind because we waited too long?”

“.....One year and one million Teresa? That’s not a deal. I’m going to accept that and they’ll trade me before I even put on a jersey........You just gotta trust me okay.....if there is no other deal.....then I’ll take it......but it’s not over yet.”

“We have 4 hours left!”

“Well then......we wait.....”

Teresa let out a long sigh and finally calmed down. She sat down on the couch as we both just stayed quiet in my apartment. Then she said:

“Alright.....we’ll wait.”

The hours past and all we did was watch Sports Den to see who signed with who and for how much. Seeing all those players get their new spots on their teams......just made me even more depressed. Eventually, Teresa fell asleep which just left me alone with my memories from this team. From the first time I entered the practice building to when I finally made Vincent Wei laugh to when I made out with Josh.......yeah, it was a complicated year and a half.....but it was something special....I guess....Soon, there were only ten minutes left for offers and I was already setting my mind on Queens. It would be interesting to say the least. Before I knew it, I was asleep too.....until I got a email on my phone. The loud ding on my phone was enough to wake me up. I slowly picked up my phone and waited for my eyes to adjust to the brightness. Finally, I got to the email........It was from the Seattle Summit......the offered me a two year deal!!

“Oh my gosh.” I said to myself. “.......I’m going to seattle.”

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