Plymouth Taproots

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Plymouth Taproots
2016-2017 Plymouth Taproots season
Plymouth Taproots logo
Conference Eastern
Division Northern
Founded 1961
History Plymouth Taproots (1961-present)
Arena Roots Garden
City Plymouth, MA
Team colors Green, Brown and Black


Owner(s) Chris Farrow (male cat)
RL General Manager Christaphorac
RL Head Coach Beau
General manager Chris Farrow (male cat)
Head coach Steve Bradford (male rat)
Assistant coach Michael Dumbrell (male Eastern grey kangaroo)
Lead trainer Ralph Dziekonski (male Australian shepherd)
Championships 5
Conference titles 1+
Division titles 1+

The Plymouth Taproots are a professional basketball team based in Plymouth, Massachusetts. They play in the Northern Division of the Eastern Conference in the Furry Basketball Association (FBA).

Current Roster

Plymouth Taproots Roster
Point Guard Shooting Guard Small Forward Power Forward Center
PID 536.jpg
PID 506.jpg
PID 596.jpg
PID 923.jpg
PID 152.jpg
1 Sarah Lancaster (Cheetah, G) 22 Rocky Caracal (Lynx, G) 13 Travis Buckner (Grey Koala, F) 81 Erik Toivonen (Finnish Forest Reindeer, C/F) 18 Darius Cole (Alligator, C)
Swingfur Bigfur Swingfur Forward Forward
PID 443.jpg
PID 928.jpg
PID 123.jpg
7 Nina Lime (Wolf, G/F) 3 Cassandra Cassiano (Brentegana Sheep, F/C) 16 Jared Sunderman (Axolotl, G/F) 68 Anton Ivanov (Red Fox, F) 35 Christopher Zwischenberger (Tabby Cat, F)
Reserves Deep Reserves
Swingfur Forward Center Bigfur '
PID 315.jpg
PID 349.jpg
PID 864.jpg
PID 819.jpg
PID 0.jpg
11 Jonathan Sirhan (Lion, G/F) 33 Kwaku Bbwaddene (Jungle Wolf, F) 52 Waylon Stone (Horse, C) 42 Ginovani Bartolini (Gorilla, C/F)
Head Coach Use Only:

2016-2017 Budget for Total
Plymouth Taproots 92.0 91.5 0.0 +0.5

Plymouth Taproots Team Contracts
Name 17 18 19 20 21 22 23
Sarah Lancaster 15.0
Rocky Caracal 11.0 13.0
Travis Buckner 11.5 12.0 12.5 13.0 13.5
Erik Toivonen 5.0 5.0
Darius Cole 4.0
Nina Lime 7.0 7.0 7.0
Cassandra Cassiano 1.0
Jared Sunderman 1.5 1.5
Anton Ivanov 1.0
Christopher Zwischenberger 14.0
Jonathan Sirhan 2.0
Kwaku Bbwaddene 14.0
Waylon Stone 1.5
Ginovani Bartolini 3.0