Plymouth Taproots

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Plymouth Taproots
2017-2018 Plymouth Taproots season
Plymouth Taproots logo
Conference Eastern
Division Northern
Founded 1961
History Plymouth Taproots (1961-present)
Arena Roots Garden
City Plymouth, MA
Team colors Green, Brown and Black


Owner(s) Chris Farrow (male cat)
RL Primary Contact Christaphorac
RL Secondary Contact Beau
General manager Chris Farrow (male cat)/Cheeto Wolfote (wolf/coyote hybrid)
Head coach Sasha Sayanov (red panda)
Assistant coach Michael Dumbrell (male Eastern grey kangaroo)
Lead trainer Ralph Dziekonski (male Australian shepherd)
Championships 5
Conference titles 1+
Division titles 1+

The Plymouth Taproots are a professional basketball team based in Plymouth, Massachusetts. They play in the Northern Division of the Eastern Conference in the Furry Basketball Association (FBA).

Current Roster

Plymouth Taproots Roster
Point Guard Shooting Guard Small Forward Power Forward Center
PID 928.jpg
PID 443.jpg
PID 596.jpg
PID 789.jpg
PID 772.jpg
16 Jared Sunderman (Axolotl, G/F) 7 Nina Lime (Wolf, G/F) 13 Travis Buckner (Grey Koala, F) 19 Theodore Rockwell (Wolf/Cheetah Hybrid, F) 1 Rex Kearsarge (Alligator Snapping Turtle, C)
Guard Forward Guard Guard Center
PID 70.jpg
PID 506.jpg
PID 124.jpg
10 Bailey Brisbane (Catahoula Leopard Hound, G) Jacobus van Oirschot (Dutch Hare, F) 22 Rocky Caracal (Lynx, G) -- Simon Lee (Gerbil, G) 46 Chrys Brachy (Maned Wolf, C)
Reserves Deep Reserves
Guard Bigfur Guard ' '
PID 852.jpg
PID 0.jpg
PID 0.jpg
Bellissa Saltellare (Volpino Italiano, G) 11 Ronney Abplanalp (Great Plains Wolf, C/F) Tay Delgado (Mink, G)
Head Coach Use Only:

2017-2018 Budget for Total
Buyouts Available
Plymouth Taproots 94.0 60.5 0.0 +33.5

Plymouth Taproots Team Contracts
Name 18 19 20 21 22 23
Jared Sunderman 1.5
Nina Lime 7.0 7.0
Travis Buckner 12.0 12.5 13.0 13.5
Theodore Rockwell 10.0 13.0 16.0
Rex Kearsarge 6.5 7.0 8.0
Bailey Brisbane 1.0
Jacobus van Oirschot 1.5 1.5
Rocky Caracal 13.0
Simon Lee 1.0
Chrys Brachy 1.0
Bellissa Saltellare 1.0
Ronney Abplanalp 1.0
Tay Delgado 4.0 4.0