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Welcome to the FBA! Looking to get started? Click here!

Current Events

The FBA wiki transfer is complete! If you would like a username, please click on the register button at the top of this page.

The 2017-18 season is underway! Check out the recent games in the navbar to the left.

Looking for a way to help out? Or maybe you have an idea for a project? Check out our To-do/Project list and volunteer or make suggestions!

The FBA Newsletter Round Up - FSPN: The Hoop!

Willy Walker (ItsaMadWorld), Curtis Matheson (Stryker), and a team of other contributors collect some of the best and brightest FBA content from the community and present it in a newsletter for ease of use and digestion. Click the following link to read the newsletters!

Offsite Updates

  • New FA Account - A furrybasketball account was created on FurAffinity not only to host cross-posts from the Wiki and the Forum but also to track FBA submissions on that website, provided that the keywords "FBA" and "basketball" are present in the submission.


Latest Podcasts

The FBA Follow-Up Podcast - 2016 FBA Playoffs - Round 2 Preview Featuring the following cast:

  • Chris Whalen - Rourkie
  • Roni Fulton – Tirk Renard
  • Renee Fiora - Pac
  • Agundio Salvatore Atti-Morales - Aoki Bengal
  • Morgan McCarthy – World Famous IC
  • L.V. McDyess - Paul Shep
  • Michael Porter - IllaRouge
  • Cliff Matthiews - Hoomiku
  • Niko McNamara - Niko
  • Redawn Fenwatcher - Shataivian
  • Ryan Eastman - Faded Forest

See the rest of the Artwork Gallery

Conspiracy of Meerkats Ending Part BJWolfman
To FalterFadedForest
To DisappointFadedForest
Standing Tall: ch.5Wolfnumber9
2017 FBA FinalsJWolfman
Holding Out, Part 2Rourkie
A purchase with a promiseGideonwebb
Conspiracy of Meerkats Ending Part AJWolfman
Conspiracy of Meerkats Part FiveJWolfman and Herrwozzek
... further results

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