Biloxi Voodoo

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Biloxi Voodoo
2017-2018 Biloxi Voodoo season
Biloxi Voodoo logo
Conference Eastern
Division Southern
Founded 1961
History Biloxi Mudpuppies (1961-2012), Biloxi Voodoo (2012-present)
Arena Crawdad Stadium
City Biloxi, MS
Team colors Stiletto Red, Jagger Purple, Electric Lime


Owner(s) Beauregard Teagues (male red tabby cat)
RL Primary Contact Qovapryi
General manager Macon Waldrop (male muskrat)
Head coach Lewis Lachler (male spotted hyena)
Assistant coach Lawrie Toft (male whitetail deer)
Lead trainer Levard Wheeler (male Kodiak bear)
Championships 3
Division titles 1+ (2012)

The Biloxi Voodoo is a professional furry basketball team based in Biloxi, Mississippi USA. They play in the Southern Division of the Eastern Conference in the Furry Basketball Association (FBA). Founded in 1961 as the Biloxi Mudpuppies, they are one of the original six teams of the FBA. They have won three league championships (1967, 1971, 1991).

The Mudpuppies used to play at Crawdad Park, the oldest court in the FBA and the league's last remaining outdoor court. In the summer of 2012, as a part of the team rebranding into the Voodoo, former GM Alaina Castillo announced the construction of the brand-new Crawdad Stadium, which was completed during 2013.

Current Roster

Biloxi Voodoo Roster
Point Guard Shooting Guard Small Forward Power Forward Center
PID 990.jpg
PID 788.jpg
PID 93.jpg
PID 1001.jpg
PID 139.jpg
26 Henrick Fischer (Grolar Bear, C/F) 86 Tanya Feckle (Gerenuk, F/G) 59 Brandon Dreyvus (Opossum, F) 17 Kaspar Kuusik (Eurasian Lynx, G) 33 Craig Reinhardt (Black Panther, F/C)
Guard Forward Guard Bigfur Bigfur
PID 541.jpg
PID 1015.jpg
PID 903.jpg
PID 857.jpg
PID 790.jpg
3 Scott Parsons (Otter, G) 95 Mustafa Sokolovic (Yellow-throated Marten, F) 6 Andrius Vilkasaitis (Eurasian Wolf, G) 57 Sterling Bengtzing (Marbled Polecat, C/F) 65 Trent Mosley (Elk, C/F)
Reserves Deep Reserves
Swingfur Forward Forward Guard Swingfur
PID 629.jpg
PID 358.jpg
PID 226.jpg
PID 810.jpg
PID 653.jpg
49 Wallace Butler (Emperor Penguin, G/F) 20 Lee Evans (Great Dane, F) 38 Gerrit-Jan Pretorius (Lion, F) 7 Derek Kim (Kkachi, G) 23 Xavier Knutten (Squirrel, G/F)
Head Coach Use Only:

2017-2018 Budget for Total
Buyouts Available
Biloxi Voodoo 91.5 84.5 0.0 +7.0

Biloxi Voodoo Team Contracts
Name 18 19 20 21 22 23
Henrick Fischer 1.5 1.5
Tanya Feckle 8.5 10.5 11.5
Brandon Dreyvus 1.5
Kaspar Kuusik 4.0 4.0
Craig Reinhardt 9.5 10.5 12.0
Scott Parsons 8.0 9.0 10.0
Mustafa Sokolovic 1.5 1.5
Andrius Vilkasaitis 4.0
Sterling Bengtzing 9.0 11.0 13.0 15.0
Trent Mosley 6.5 7.5
Wallace Butler 3.0
Lee Evans 7.5 9.0 10.5
Gerrit-Jan Pretorius 8.0 9.0
Derek Kim 11.0 12.0 13.0
Xavier Knutten 1.0