Baltimore Spirits

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Baltimore Spirits
2016-2017 Baltimore Spirits season
Baltimore Spirits logo
Conference Eastern
Division Central
Founded 1961
History Baltimore Spirits (1961-present)
Arena Charm City Center
City Baltimore, MD
Team colors Black, Red and White


Owner(s) Samuel Windance (male jackalope)
RL General Manager JWolfman
RL Head Coach Stryker
General manager Tiffany Lowe (female domestic cat)
Head coach Basil Trassel (male rabbit)
Assistant coach Alana Neofelis (female cloud leopard)
Lead trainer Jesus Tigrillo (male margay)
Championships 3
Division titles 1+
Retired numbers 44 (Chase Stroeklein), 13 (Basil Trassel), 50 (Daemon Mondragon)

The Baltimore Spirits are a professional basketball team based in Baltimore, Maryland. They play in the Central Division of the Eastern Conference in the Furry Basketball Association (FBA).



The Spirits were one of the 6 original teams in the FBA. The first 8 years of being in the league were not good for them. They were continually at the bottom of the league despite having Daemon Mondragon, one of the league's best players. Mondragon helped keep people in the stands with his athletic dunks and strong defensive skills. Even with Mondragon, though, they still placed consistently at the bottom of the league or middle of the pack. Many considered them to be one of the league's most underachieving teams.


The team continued to underachieve well into the 1970s. Matters only got worse after the 1977 season when, after the team again came in last, Mondragon announced his retirement. The team's future was in doubt and there were rumors that the owner Xavier Holden wanted to move the team Fresno, CA. A turn about finally came in 1977 when the Spirits took the first pick in the draft and chose Center Chase Stroeklein. Stroeklein turned out to be all that he was hyped to be, and performed strongly in his first season. He led the team in their best season, placing them firmly in the middle of the pack and their first ever playoff appearance. Even with Stroeklein, though, the Spirits were still missing something. The team went out in the first round.

The final piece of the puzzle would come at the end of the 1978 season. Basil Trassel, a young shooting guard, fell into their laps. Trassel turned out to be what the Spirits needed. In the 1979 season the Spirits finally showed the league they were contenders, winning the first championship in the team's history.


With the duo of Chase and Basil, The Spirits became contenders for the championship and were consistently in the playoffs. In 1983 and 1984 The Spirits won back to back championships, primarily because of Chase and Basil. The time of The Spirits' dominance in the league continued until tragedy struck during the 1985 season playoffs. In the first game of the first round of the playoffs, Basil Trassel suffered a career ending leg injury. Chase tried to carry the team, but it proved to not be enough. The Spirits were bounced in 7 games in the first round, after being slated to win that season. Basil left the team and slipped into obscurity, blaming himself for the team's loss. The Spirits immediately lost a lot of luster. Though The Spirits were still a great team, they simply couldn't replace Basil.


The only good year for The Spirits in the 90's was 1990; the last year that Chase played before retiring. After this, The Spirits fell back to being towards the bottom of the pack in the league. The team went into the process of rebuilding. The team was once again facing difficulties and rumors resurfaced about the team moving to Fresno.

Apart from the 1990 season, one good thing happened for The Spirits during the 90s. In 1994, the team drafted Mary Mince in her rookie season.


Still suffering with the title of a rebuilding team, The Spirits were looking for a new identity. The team needed something to latch onto so it could recapture the former glory of the late 70's to mid 80's.

At the end of the 2008 season, Xavier Holden sold the team. Holden announced that he could no longer manage the team after owning it for so long. He sold the team to Samuel Windance, the owner of a Texas-based car manufacturer. Windance, a long time fan of the FBA, leaped at the chance to own a FBA team. The first thing Samuel did was to bring in a new coach and staff. He looked to the past, bringing in former Spirits star Basil to coach the team. He gave Basil full reign of the team, and Basil got the Spirits into the playoffs for the first time since the late 80's. Basil then took a look at the team and stated that no starting position was safe. He wanted to make sure he had a winning season. Basil, his pride still hurting from his perceived failure in the 1985 season, is trying to bring a championship to the city. He hired his own staff, and now The Spirits are back and ready to contend. With the drafting of Silvia Windcreek and Rebel Coyote, they hope to bring a championship to the city of charm once again.



Basil Trassel - 53 years old and a graduate of Underwood College. Has a fiery personality; sometimes his temper can get the better of him. He frequently has to be held back or pulled back from yelling at the refs. He hasn't lost his passion for the game despite disappearing from it for a little more than 20 years. He is the primary reason that Silvia Windcreek was taken by the Spirits.

Assistant Coach

Alana Neofelis - 23 years old and a graduate of Underwood College. She is a hungry young assistant that wants to prove that she can be a coach at this level. She watches the court and the players like a hawk, and can usually be seen with her clip board in paw. Her calm, cool personality seems to be in sharp contrast with the fiery passion of the coach, but don't let that fool you. She is just as passionate. She can usually be seen pulling Basil back when he wants to storm the court after a particularly bad call. She will then frequently go to the refs herself for an explanation of a particular call, as well as when someone misses a defensive assignment or a offensive assignment. It is usually Alana who talks to officials and players if she can help it.


Jesus Trigrillo - 20 years old and a graduate of the University of Texas. He was at the top of his class. However, he was a bit rebellious and would often get in trouble for trying to create new techniques or come up with new ways to treat injuries.

Original Owner

Xavier Holden (Eagle) - original owner of The Spirits.

New Owner

Samuel Windance (Jackalope) - new owner of The Spirits.

Retired Players

Chase Stroeklein - Black Footed Ferret - 7'2" Center

Daemon Mondragon - Komodo Dragon - 6'7" Small Forward

Basil Trassel - Rabbit - 6'4" Shooting Guard

Retired Jersey Numbers

Chase Stroeklein #44

Basil Trassel #13

Daemon Mondragon #50

Current Roster

Baltimore Spirits Roster
Point Guard Shooting Guard Small Forward Power Forward Center
PID 618.jpg
PID 781.jpg
PID 943.jpg
PID 532.jpg
PID 476.jpg
13 Victor Vos (Red Fox, G) 4 Sarah Michelle Dunbar (Mountain Hare, G) 34 Marshall Anderson-Rhodes (Clouded Leopard, F) 54 Samuel Roberts (Clydesdale, C) 78 Quintessa Hartnett (Leopard, C)
Guard Swingfur Guard Center Guard
PID 710.jpg
PID 359.jpg
PID 308.jpg
PID 951.jpg
PID 858.jpg
69 Aurora Goldshine (Yellow Cobra, G) 32 Lemond Conkale (Florida Panther, F/G) 1 Joey Cox (Roadrunner, G) 92 Reji DeVal (Reticulated Python, C) 6 Tejay Aamoth (Field Mouse, G)
Reserves Deep Reserves
Bigfur Guard Forward Forward '
PID 136.jpg
PID 346.jpg
PID 789.jpg
PID 0.jpg
44 Mark Kanter III (Wolverine, F/C) 63 Corbin A. Li’Arci (Lynx, G) 10 Kortni Whitelatch (Border Collie, F) 19 Theodore Rockwell (Wolf/Cheetah Hybrid, F)
Head Coach Use Only: