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FSPN Coverage:

Good evening, Basketball fans. I’m Chris Whalen, your panda in the press, here with coverage from Game 6 in this exciting matchup as the #8 seed Huntsville Mayors host the #1 Bangor Tides in the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals. Huntsville has proven they’re not going down without a fight as they’ve clawed their way back from a near sweep and they hope to force a Game 7 in this super-charged series. For those of you just tuning to this series, where have you been? Between the trash talking, the single-digit point spreads, and the promise of a huuuuuuuuge upset in the making, this series has it all.

In the first quarter, Bangor really comes out of the gate struggling to find their groove. A last-minute roster change puts “Sluggy” Quaatsch (Zebra, G) on the starting line, replacing regular starter rookie, Leon Delmont (Cougar, G). This is not the game to be experimenting! Meanwhile, Huntsville is taking out a huuuuge lead, with an even spread of scoring around, led by tag team D’Angelo MacQuilkin (Lion, G) and Natasha Rous (Port Jackson Shark, F) working together to find open scorers in the lane. With nearly twice as many points as Bangor, the Mayors have already shown a ferocity which the Tides are laboring to counter with little success as we close out the period Mayors 41, Tides 21. The second quarter sees both point guards trading aggressive glances and verbal abuse as a barrage of very real threats comes from Wendy Brown (Saber-toothed Tiger, G), who is already shaping up to be a scoring leader in this game, putting up 4 baskets in the first 2 minutes of the quarter to add further injury to her insults. But the Tides’ scoring drought ends when Lance Wildfyre (Rabbit, G) does his best to wake his team up through some scathing responses of his own, as his own buckets and invectives finally start to… well… turn the Tides around. But they have a huge deficit to make up, and a few key shots by Harrison York (Martial Eagle, F/C) and Jim McCormick (Badger, G/F) ensure that Huntsville still scores more points than Bangor, ending the half at 72-49, with the Mayors increasing their substantial lead from the first quarter.

Coming back from the halftime break, the Tides look like an entirely different team. Delmont and Quaatsch seem to have put aside their differences, each scoring substantial points for the Tides as they put up 8 points each in the third quarter. Cassidy Whitelatch (Border Collie, C/F) has found her footing as well, earning twice as many rebounds in this period as she has all game so far. But Huntsville isn’t willing to give up their lead just yet. Emina Ferhatović (Cross Fox, C/F) has been playing solidly all game, but she earns half a dozen rebounds of her own in the quarter, allowing Jayden Moreno (Jaguar, G) and Jerome N. Swimmer (Dusky/Hourglass Dolphin, G) to take the helm for a pair of baskets each. For the first time this game, the Tides outscore the Mayors, closing the scoring gap to single digits: Huntsville 96, Bangor 88.

As the fourth quarter starts, you can almost see the determination in both team's eyes as everyone on the court has victory in their sights. MacQuilkin and McCormick continue to lead the scoring charge for the Mayors with an effort to keep their lead alive. But Raoul Kidane (Ethiopian Wolf, C) with 2 late-game steals and 2 blocks helps to bring Bangor ahead for the first time this game! Both teams trade baskets and leads, back and forth, until Diego Imperio (Degu, G) sinks a critical 3-pointer out of nowhere to make it a 2-basket game, putting the Tides up by 4.

The audience is on its feet as Brown comes back with a 3-pointer of her own to reclose the gap to 1 point. An intentional foul sees Mackenbach at the line, who misses his first throw! The second one goes in, but the 2-point lead is quickly tied up by Huntsville.

Bangor again with the ball, and—a steal by Rous turns into another three points for Huntsville to reclaim the lead with only enough time for one more possession.

The Tides quickly get the ball to Wildfyre, who puts it up, and… it’s good! Right at the buzzer, the Tides have fought tooth and nail to bring this game into ov—

Wait, wait, hold on…!

The officials are indicating that the rabbit’s toes were over the line! The basket is being scored as 2 points, not 3! The stadium has just erupted as Huntsville eeks out a victory over Bangor! Unbelievable! Huntsville has forced the Tides into a 7-game series! Final score, Tides 120, Mayors 121! You’d think the Mayors had just won the championship, the way this stadium feels at the moment.

Oooh, Bangor’s players do NOT look happy. Wildfyre is arguing with the refs, but they’re walking away from him! He looks frustrated, and I do not blame him.

Well, nothing to do about it now. Player of the game is Emina Ferhatović with 8 points, 12 rebounds, 3 assists, a steal, and 3 blocks. I guess that’s it for now! This is Chris Whalen, your panda in the press, signing off f—WHOA.

Wildfyre looked like he was trying to leave the court, but he was stopped by Brown, who looked like she was coming over to gloat! The rabbit is not having any of this, and actually pushed her out of the way in an effort to leave! The saber-toothed tiger looked ready to pounce, but now they’re both being held back by their respective teammates – with MacQuilkin trying to enter the fray as well!

It looks like everyone is being dragged to their respective locker rooms without anyone really getting hurt, but man… what a way to end the game! Whew! This is Chris Whalen, your panda in the press, signing off for real now, for FSPN Sports.

--Chris Whalen

Associated Furry Press - Bangor:

After a controversial and heated end to Game 6 against the Huntsville Mayors, the Bangor Tides landed back in their home town last night amidst a flurry of press. The issue stems from a physical altercation between Wendy Brown of Huntsville and Lance Wildfyre who had been exchanging words both on the courts and on social media .

The FBA has announced fines for both players following the incident, and the Tides released a statement saying that they will address Lance's actions on the court internally. Bangor forward Randulf Mackenbach also commented about the fines and the issues between the team's. "I'm all for the verbal jousting. I don't think the FBA had to go out giving Lance a fine for defending himself though."

Game 7 is scheduled for May 18th at Shawshank Stadium.

-- Associated Furry Press (Eaite)

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