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Tashira Rucson here representing FurSports-dot-net, and I'm at the Shawshank Stadium in Bangor, Maine for Game Five of the first round between host Tides and the Huntsville Mayors whom surprised their opponents with a win in Game Four, preventing a Tide sweep. There had been some trash talk between opposing players, and some involving carrot cake. There are thousands of plushie spiders here in the Stadium, and I admit I have a bit of a soft spot for spiders that look cute so I'm taking one of these home with me.

The first half was evenly contested as the Tide is trying to put a stop on the upstart Mayors and move on to the next round while the Mayors are trying to merely survive and change the momentum of the series. Bangor's Lance Wildfyre and Randulf Mackenbach unsurprisingly sunk in shot after shot, but the main surprises came from Huntsville's Jerome Swimmer as the former FBA Developmental League's "All-Star" MVP shone brightly from the bench, ending the game with 18 points, which was remarkable considering he was on the court a little less than 20 minutes of the game and led the entire team in points except for Harrison York. Both starting and opposing Shooting Guards, Leon Delmont and D'Angelo MacQuilkin, struggled on their shots and both only managed to score on the single digits. Bangor's post suffered as Cassidy Whitelatch suffered an abs injury in the third quarter, and Harrison York took control of the game, ending with 21 points and 5 rebounds. Despite strong scoring efforts from Bangor's bench players such as Pura Doris Quaatsch, Deigo Imperio, and Arex Gonnes Katu, the Mayors' bench contributed better in the wider spectrum. The home crowd left disappointed as the Tide failed to put away the upstart Mayors as Huntsville wins the game 127-122. Harrison York has earned POTG honors.

The Tide still holds the advantage in this series, 3-2, but the Mayors are scratching hard to make a comeback.

~Tashira Rucson

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