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Hello basketball fans! This is Samson St. James, your jet-lagged correspondent coming to you from Queens, New York, for Game 4 of the first round playoff series between the number 2 ranked Biloxi Voodoo and the number 7 Queens Pride. All three games so far have gone the Voodoo's way, making tonight win-or-go-home for the hometown team.

With Samantha Anderson (Bunny, G) still absent with a bicep contusion sustained in Game 2, the Pride have opted to slot Indonesian tigress Tasya Fangestu (Sumatran Tiger, G/F) into the starting point guard position, no doubt hoping for a continuation of her Game 3 performance when the firecracker feline scored 14 points in fewer than 9 minutes of play. Also in the lineup for Queens: Aurora Goldshine (Yellow Cobra, G), despite being day-to-day with a shoulder injury. Hopefully we won't witness another Korber tonight.

The Voodoo, meanwhile, may as well regard Rucker Stadium as a second home. Starting center Sterling Bengtzing (Marbled Polecat, C/F) frequently boasts of his roots in the New York region, while starting forward Tanya Feckle (Gerenuk, F/G) brings in supporters from her Connecticut home and sixth fur Craig Reinhardt (Black Panther, F/C) still has fans from his college days at Pack Territory (the school is famed for their 'Pack Loyalty') two hours' drive away. Though outnumbered, the Voodoo fans in attendance certainly made their presence known.

The game started off promising for the Pride, as Fangestu and Adam Tevela (Linsang, F) set up an assembly line feeding assists to their teammates, and baskets from Melaine Thompson (Lioness,G) (by law the Queens Pride must have one lion on the roster at all times) and Micah Davenport (Border Collie, F/G) put the home team up to a 4-0 lead. But then the Voodoo got going, and they didn't stop. Feckle led her team with 9 points, flashing a fanged grin with each satisfying swish of the net. Bengtzing hauled in 3 rebounds, though he was unable to match Davenport and Rosalind Baumhauer (Southern Fox Squirrel, C), each with 4.

BLV 33 QNS 26

It has become apparent that Bengtzing was merely biding his time in the first quarter. Fed shot after shot by Derek Kim (Kkachi, G), the marblecat polecake-- marbled polecat, excuse me, averaged more than a point per minute during his time on court during the quarter and, apparently for variety's sake, 6 rebounds in between baskets. The Pride made an impressive effort to keep up, with strong play from Thompson and Baumhauer - still out-rebounding her variegated opposite - but when the halftime horn sounded the visitors were still up by a double digit margin.

BLV 68 QNS 58

I don't know what Coach Testa told his team during halftime, but the Pride should bottle it up and start selling it pronto. Goldshine showed no sign of injury as she and Zoie Wilds (African Hunting Dog, G) combined for 20 points in the quarter. Voodoo production was nearly halved compared to the second quarter as Davenport and Baumhauer continued to dominate the rebounds column. The combined effort shot new life into the hometown crowd and drew the Pride to within 1 by the end of the quarter.

BLV 87 QNS 86

For one brief shining moment in the fourth quarter, the Pride led by a score of 88-87. Out of gas, Thompson ceded the point scoring duties to California transplant and (alleged!) serial babydaddy Tevela; the libidinous linsang scored 10 points in the quarter to push his total on the night to 22. Then the firm of Bengtzing, Kim, Kuusik, & Associates did what they have become accustomed to doing, and stomped all over their opponents. As the final horn sounded, Bengtzing was mobbed by his teammates and flashed a V-for-Victory to his hometown crowd, while the nominal hometown team shook their heads dejectedly.

Bengtzing surprised no one by being named Player of the Game with 28 points, 11 rebounds, 1 steal, and 1 block. Kim secured his own double-double with 16 points and 12 assists. Across the court, Davenport and Baumhauer each netted a double-double, and Fangestu impressed with 9 assists but ultimately fizzled with only a matching 9 points to show. Goldshine scored 15 points from the bench and miraculously did not lose an arm.

The Pride can take some pride in knowing this was the closest game of the whole series - but not much. Ultimately, a 6 point loss counts just the same as a 20 point blowout. The Voodoo move on to the next round with a 4 game sweep.


This has been Samson St. James, signing off.

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