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This is Tashira Rucson of FurSports-dot-net at the Riverside Stadium in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada where the Voyageurs host the Seattle Summit. After surprising Seattle with a win in Game One, Winnipeg now find themselves down two games to one, and they are eager to attempt evening the series. In the first quarter, Niko McNamara, whom had been rather quiet most of the season, led the way to start the game, finishing the quarter with 11 points, while Winnipeg captain Yves Carbonneau led his team with eight points. It had been a very even quarter, with the Voyageurs leading all but three minutes of the quarter and finishing with an offense-heavy effort of 34-33.

The second quarter however had a very different feel. With the relentless home crowd cheering them and rarely quieting down, Winnipeg turned the tables early to widen their lead with Kevin Malka holding his own against Jake Turner and Alyssia Silverman scoring two 3-pointers in a row. Seattle struggled to find a good momentum and they trailed during the entire second quarter. By halftime, the crowd roared loudly as both teams retreated to their locker rooms with the score of 66-49, Winnipeg.

Something must have happened in the visitors' locker room at halftime however as Seattle jumped to a 10-2 start at the third quarter. Kinny DeMarcus, a top contender for Most Improved Player of the Year for this season, set off in a scoring spree to finish the quarter with 14 points, and he is playing a huge role in Seattle's encroaching comeback with 9 assists thus far. Alyssia Silverman kept up the pace and led her team with 25 points, but by the end of the third quarter, Winnipeg only held a one-point lead, 89-88. The home crowd, noisy through the game thus far, is beginning to grow quieter. By the fourth quarter, it seems clear that Winnipeg is hustling more to maintain their shrinking lead, but despite a resurgence that gave them a 100-92 lead, Seattle kept on the pressure and a fierce dunk by Jake Turner (assisted by an alley-oop from Evan Marshall) gave Seattle their first lead since the first quarter. From that point, it was all Seattle and the crowd became quiet as Seattle's lead widened all the way to the end of the game. With Seattle's 126-113 victory, they now lead the series 3-1. Kinny DeMarcus earned a POTG award with 22 points, 4 rebounds, 12 assists, 2 steals and 1 block.

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