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Good evening ladies and gents! My name is Marcus Baylor and welcome to Game 4 of the of the 1st round playoff matchup between the 4th seeded Santa Ana Spectrums and the 5th seeded Montana Howlers here in the beautiful Treasure State Arena! Right now SAS is looking to try to get a 3-1 lead to get a shot at ending the series in Santa Ana, while MON is trying to things up before heading back Santa Ana.

We start things of with MON being on fire in the first quarter on both sides of the ball. Holding the Specs to only 9 points of the 1st the first quarter. Kresta Renstill simply overwhelmed the rookie Killian Belmonte Aquino. She scored perfect from the field (4/4 FG, 2 of them being from beyond the woods). Meanwhile the Spectrums were off to an extremely sluggish start, especially with Jin-Sung Lee not being able to score a bucket in the opening quarter. By the end of the first period, the Howlers were up by 25.

In the second, the Spectrums were finally able to pick up the pace. Getting the quarter started with an 8-0 run to somewhat close the gap. However, it was Ren Inoue’s turn to be a spark in the Howler’s offense as he was perfect at the 3 point line to help keep ahead of the struggling Spectrums. By the end of the half, the spectrums were able to find a rhythm. However, the Howlers offense is proven to be to much for the Spectrums defense. By the start of the second half, The Howlers dynamic duo continue to play the defense of the spectrums like a fiddle as Ren and Kresta continue to take advantage against the much less experienced rookie out of Emerald Glad. Jin-Sung continues to struggle throughout the night as well, only able to make his first 3 of the game adding up to 7 points so far. Sebastion Kusico has been the only answer for them offensively. He’s been able to keep up a good fight against fellow veteran LaShawn Grandon, finishing the 3rd with 20 points for the game. But the struggles continues as the Specs enter the 4th down by 30.

The start of the fourth really showed the frustration the Specs are dealing with in this game. Sebastian’s scoring went to a bit of a halt in the end, and Lee just couldn’t get anything going. Meanwhile for MON, many of the starters got to rest up early with both Kresta and Ren finished the game with a combined 52 pts. While the Spectrums were able to make the score closer than what the tone of the game actually was, it’s clear that Santa Ana has a lot to discuss about on the trip back.

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