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Friday, May 11
SEA Button SEA.png 126 W
WPG Button WPG.png 113 Cave logo.png
SAS Button SAS.png 90
MON Button MON.png 113 W Cave logo.png
ALK Button ALK.png 115 W
HWI Button HWI.png 114 Cave logo.png
DAK Button DAK.png 88
EDM Button EDM.png 92 W Cave logo.png
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Seattle Summit @ Winnipeg Voyageurs

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 F
Summit 33 16 39 38 126
Voyageurs 34 32 23 24 113


Arena: Riverside Stadium - Winnipeg, MB

Player of the Game: Kinny DeMarcus (Hairy Bush Viper, G/F) - 22 pts, 4 reb, 12 ast, 2 stl, 1 blk
Promo: Playoffs Round 1 Game 4


 Kinny DeMarcus

This is Tashira Rucson of FurSports-dot-net at the Riverside Stadium in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada where the Voyageurs host the Seattle Summit. After surprising Seattle with a win in Game One, Winnipeg now find themselves down two games to one, and they are eager to attempt evening the series. In the first quarter, Niko McNamara, whom had been rather quiet most of the season, led the way to start the game, finishing the quarter with 11 points, while Winnipeg captain Yves Carbonneau led his team with eight points. It had been a very even quarter, with the Voyageurs leading all but three minutes of the quarter and finishing with an offense-heavy effort of 34-33.

The second quarter however had a very different feel. With the relentless home crowd cheering them and rarely quieting down, Winnipeg turned the tables early to widen their lead with Kevin Malka holding his own against Jake Turner and Alyssia Silverman scoring two 3-pointers in a row. Seattle struggled to find a good momentum and they trailed during the entire second quarter. By halftime, the crowd roared loudly as both teams retreated to their locker rooms with the score of 66-49, Winnipeg.

Something must have happened in the visitors' locker room at halftime however as Seattle jumped to a 10-2 start at the third quarter. Kinny DeMarcus, a top contender for Most Improved Player of the Year for this season, set off in a scoring spree to finish the quarter with 14 points, and he is playing a huge role in Seattle's encroaching comeback with 9 assists thus far. Alyssia Silverman kept up the pace and led her team with 25 points, but by the end of the third quarter, Winnipeg only held a one-point lead, 89-88. The home crowd, noisy through the game thus far, is beginning to grow quieter. By the fourth quarter, it seems clear that Winnipeg is hustling more to maintain their shrinking lead, but despite a resurgence that gave them a 100-92 lead, Seattle kept on the pressure and a fierce dunk by Jake Turner (assisted by an alley-oop from Evan Marshall) gave Seattle their first lead since the first quarter. From that point, it was all Seattle and the crowd became quiet as Seattle's lead widened all the way to the end of the game. With Seattle's 126-113 victory, they now lead the series 3-1. Kinny DeMarcus earned a POTG award with 22 points, 4 rebounds, 12 assists, 2 steals and 1 block.

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Santa Ana Spectrums @ Montana Howlers

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 F
Spectrums 9 25 26 30 90
Howlers 34 25 34 20 113


Arena: Treasure State Arena - Billings, MT

Player of the Game: Kresta Renstill (Silver Fox, G) - 27 pts, 8 reb, 6 ast, 1 stl
Promo: Playoffs Round 1 Game 4


 Kresta Renstill

Good evening ladies and gents! My name is Marcus Baylor and welcome to Game 4 of the of the 1st round playoff matchup between the 4th seeded Santa Ana Spectrums and the 5th seeded Montana Howlers here in the beautiful Treasure State Arena! Right now SAS is looking to try to get a 3-1 lead to get a shot at ending the series in Santa Ana, while MON is trying to things up before heading back Santa Ana.

We start things of with MON being on fire in the first quarter on both sides of the ball. Holding the Specs to only 9 points of the 1st the first quarter. Kresta Renstill simply overwhelmed the rookie Killian Belmonte Aquino. She scored perfect from the field (4/4 FG, 2 of them being from beyond the woods). Meanwhile the Spectrums were off to an extremely sluggish start, especially with Jin-Sung Lee not being able to score a bucket in the opening quarter. By the end of the first period, the Howlers were up by 25.

In the second, the Spectrums were finally able to pick up the pace. Getting the quarter started with an 8-0 run to somewhat close the gap. However, it was Ren Inoue’s turn to be a spark in the Howler’s offense as he was perfect at the 3 point line to help keep ahead of the struggling Spectrums. By the end of the half, the spectrums were able to find a rhythm. However, the Howlers offense is proven to be to much for the Spectrums defense. By the start of the second half, The Howlers dynamic duo continue to play the defense of the spectrums like a fiddle as Ren and Kresta continue to take advantage against the much less experienced rookie out of Emerald Glad. Jin-Sung continues to struggle throughout the night as well, only able to make his first 3 of the game adding up to 7 points so far. Sebastion Kusico has been the only answer for them offensively. He’s been able to keep up a good fight against fellow veteran LaShawn Grandon, finishing the 3rd with 20 points for the game. But the struggles continues as the Specs enter the 4th down by 30.

The start of the fourth really showed the frustration the Specs are dealing with in this game. Sebastian’s scoring went to a bit of a halt in the end, and Lee just couldn’t get anything going. Meanwhile for MON, many of the starters got to rest up early with both Kresta and Ren finished the game with a combined 52 pts. While the Spectrums were able to make the score closer than what the tone of the game actually was, it’s clear that Santa Ana has a lot to discuss about on the trip back.

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Alaska Arctics @ Hawaii Kahunas

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 F
Arctics 28 26 29 32 115
Kahunas 36 26 23 29 114


Arena: E Komo Mai Arena - Honolulu, HI

Player of the Game: Cliff Matthiews (Canadian Lynx, G) - 19 pts, 7 reb, 5 ast, 2 stl, 2 blk
Promo: Playoffs Round 1 Game 4


 Cliff Matthiews

Aloha from Honolulu for Game 4 of the first round series between Pacific Rim Division rivals the Alaska Arctics and the Hawaii Kahunas! The first three games all ended in Arctics victories, pushing the islanders to the brink of elimination. Playing in front of a raucous hometown crowd, the Kahunas were determined to force a Game 5 back in Anchorage. They came out of the gate swinging, opening the contest with a 6-0 run off the hands of Julian Cross-Kiraly and Zack Tate, and hardly let up at all. The Arctics did their best to keep up with Otis Najac matching Tate shot for shot, but the quarter ended with the Kahunas ahead by 8, 36-28.

Having made their statements in the opening quarter, both teams appeared to dial it back a notch in the second. The Arctics gave their starters a chance to rest and the bench an opportunity to shine. Rookie starter Josh Severt took charge with his reduced time, adding to his first quarter total to notch a healthy dozen points so far on the night, handily (fin-ily?) outpacing opponent Scoonie Barrett. Hawaii continued to rely heavily on their starters and yet were only able to maintain the status quo, each team scoring 26 points to enter halftime still with a lead of 8.

Whoa, is this the same Arctics team from the first half? Led by veteran point guard Devon Kellendyne and last year's MVP Cliff Matthiews, the visitors from the North took charge from the start, setting up a string of plays that the Kahunas seemed to have no answer for. Every shot the Kahunas made was matched and then outpaced. Margo Bates, playing for Alaska from deep on the bench, sank a back-to-back pair of three-pointers. The Hawaiian starters continued to steadily build their own impressive stats, but by the end of the quarter the Kahunas' lead had shrunk to a too-close-for-comfort 2, 85-83. Stay tuned for the final quarter!

Both teams lobbed glowing orange shots into the air like Kilauea spitting chunks of molten rock on the island next door. And just like a lava flow consuming a parked sports car, the Arctics absolutely could not be stopped, overtaking slowly but inevitably the Kahunas' lead. The Kahunas' starters, having been on the court for most of the game, were looking spent as time wore down. A bright spot for the home squad came in the form of rookie Charles Dofri, the kangaroo bigfur cracking double digits from his slot on the bench. Towering Tate only sank two shots in the quarter, though he did haul in an impressive 7 rebounds, pushing his total on the night to 15, triple the total of his horned Alaskan counterpart, Ogun Okayu. It was Okayu, however, who got the most crucial honors of the night, sinking a free throw with only 5 seconds left to put the Arctics up by one. The Kahunas subsequently regained possession and, as the buzzer sounded, Cross-Kiraly lobbed one final desperate shot from half-court... only to see it ricochet harmlessly off the backboard and away. As the announcer called out the final score of 115-114, and with it the disappointing end to another season, Cross-Kiraly sank to the floor looking as though he were actively considering a dip in the Big Island crater. With a hard-fought 4-0 sweep, the Arctics become the first team this year to advance to the second round.

This is Samson St. James, signing off from Honolulu.

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Dakota Bikers @ Edmonton Totems

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 F
Bikers 24 24 23 17 88
Totems 24 17 20 31 92


Arena: Bete Noir Pavilion - Edmonton, AB

Player of the Game: Baxter Buckley (Beaver, G/F) - 26 pts, 8 reb, 3 ast, 1 stl
Promo: Playoffs Round 1 Game 4


 Baxter Buckley

This cool Friday evening the Totems find themselves on a knife’s edge. Down 0-3, tonight they have to change the momentum or they will find themselves swept in the first round.

Dakota wins the tip-off, and they looked to keep the momentum they’ve built over the past three games going early with an alley-oop from Matthew Silvius to Benjamin Durby. Though the Totems hardly seemed rattled behind the leadership of the veteran Hirvonen, who answered back with an assist of his own in the post to the beaver Buckley. As the quarter progressed, neither team was willing to give ground. Buckley battling Redfield in the post and Durby pushing around Romanoren on the flipside. In the end the first comes to a close all knotted up at 24 a piece, with Durby and Buckley leading the way in scoring with 8 points a piece. The second quarter is where we see the first flinch. Anticipating a defensive shift to shut down their post attack, Edmonton switched to a perimeter attack. This was perhaps them getting ahead of themselves as Silvius, Lawyer, and Redfield continued to play a tight man-to-man defense even after Edmonton had gone toe-to-toe with them in the post thus far. This tight defense helped the Bikers hold them to two three pointers out of their eleven attempts in the second quarter. On the other end the Bikers carried on at their own fast pace, knocking down two of four three point attempts and feeding Durby in the post, allowing him to wrack up another 8 points before the half. On the flipside Buckley still leads the Totems in total points with 13 after struggling from beyond the arc. Edmonton returns to the court and reverts back to their physical post gameplan. We start to see the fouls stack up against Dakota as the Totems keep nailing every free throw they are given, by the end of the quarter they are a perfect 12-12 from the charity stripe. We also see a shift from Dakota attacking from mid-to-long range with Lawyer and Hayes, coming off the bench, racking up 14 points between the pair. Despite the efforts of the bench, Casey Rucks hitting all three of his shots and Conor Caracal hitting his one three attempt, and the last second heroics by Francois nailing his second three of the quarter, Dakota has stretched their lead to double digits. The Totems head into the fourth down by 10. Fans surely felt the tension with only twelve minutes of play left, the Totems on the verge of a playoff sweep. But perhaps that’s the sort of pressure they needed to play freely, as in the final twelve minutes of play we maybe saw the best teamplay all playoffs come out from the Totems. First of all, they finally found a game plan that started to work. Exploiting the fact that Durby has to commit to a close man-to-man defense to shut down Romanoren, Luukas begins calling for pick plays with Romaneren that then follow up with either Dapremont isolated against Mishima or letting Buckley drive to the basket. By the help defense from one of the best post defenders in the league, Edmonton was able to win the post battle in the end. Dakota wouldn’t go without a fight. Lawyer tried to take over the final quarter, nearly pulling Dakota along as he scored 12 of Dakota’s 17 points in the quarter. Yet it wasn’t enough. Even intentionally fouling didn’t work as Edmonton went a perfect 4-4 in the final minute from free throw land. In the end they managed to hold onto a four point lead, avoiding the sweep. Final Score, 92-88, Player of the Game goes to Baxter Buckley, who kept Edmonton in it throughout the game by putting up 26 points, and leading the team in rebounds.

Now, they head back to enemy territory, hopes high that they can carry this momentum forward.

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