2018 FBA Season/18.04.01/LOR@BAL/Capsule

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Baltimore fans were enraged today when, despite having a game scheduled, the teams, the officials, and the team staff never showed up. Due to a scheduling error, the internal schedules all listed BAL @ LOR but all the public schedules listed LOR @ BAL, resulting in what both team staffs call “a ships passing in the night” situation.

“It’s surprising how little different departments talk to each other in the FBA sometimes,” explained Baltimore Assistant Coach Alana Neofelis (female cloud leopard), who had a medical appointment that morning, and thus did not travel with the team. “I mean, I even planned for the game to be here today, but when I saw our internal schedule, I assumed I was the one who made the mistake.”

While there was no official recording of the game, a box score is available, but was not sent to us in time before publication. “It’s a real shame, both teams played well from what I hear.”

-- Chris Whalen, FSPN

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