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Today was rivalry night in the East, and lemme tell you, some strange stuff went on today, for sure.

Albany and Queens took their rivalry to the next level when both teams matched each other basket for basket throughout the whole game, each scoring a record-breaking 99 points in the first quarter. With members of both teams fouling out or falling over from pure exhaustion, the remaining players fought harder and harder to maintain some sort of lead for more than 2 possessions. By the time the game reached triple overtime, both teams had been whittled down to the league-minimum of 3 players per side, relying solely on their deep reserves to keep up the momentum.

“It was the strangest thing, the ball just kept going in. Jedrick Christodoulopoulos (Striped Skunk, G) would pass to Lily Rose (Flamingo, F) and somehow it would just bounce and go into the basket,” remarked the big crow himself, Andrew Cawmore (Governor of New York), who was at the game. “Luna St. Peter (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, F) and Jasper LeBeau (Hare, G) would be coming down the court, and then before you knew it, one of them made a throwaway shot that just found its mark. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

After Triple OT, the teams resorted to a shootout, but (un)surprisingly, no one missed a single shot. Eventually both teams agreed to a draw, and would meet again later in the season to try once again to determine the winner of the game. “I think the real winner is the State of New York,” Cawmore joked, but like many of the other spectators, he seemed more exhausted than amused after all was said and done.

-- Chris Whalen, FSPN

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