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Kkachi Shines on First-Ever Korean Night

In what was the first Korean Night promotion in FBA history, the spotlight was clearly on Korean-American gem Derek Kim (Kkachi, G) before the game even began. Kim, who had joined the Biloxi Voodoo on a three-year deal prior to the season, was already making his name as one of the centerpieces of the team, and it was rumored that this promo was a request on the kkachi's part, despite there not being too much of a cultural connection between Korea and the town of Biloxi otherwise. The familiar opening introducing the Voodoo starters was replaced by one using Korean soundtracks, starting with recent boy band sensation BTS's DNA and ending with historical rock band N.EX.T's Lazenca, Save Us, as the players got ready to start the game.

However, the visiting Queens Pride were determined not to be easy prey, as they stormed the first quarter with shot after shot, particularly exploiting the front court and leading by over 20 points after the quarter's end. Kim also seemed visibly tense during this period, making some uncharacteristic personal fouls and air-balling what should have been an easy three. Was Korean Night set to a premature conclusion before it even got going?

Fortunately for the Voodoo, and especially the kkachi-in-question, the tides started turning from the second quarter. The team regrouped slowly, but surely, as they cranked up their perimeter scoring quarter by quarter, Kim outplaying both Pride guards and feeding key passes left and right, in and out. By the fourth quarter, the Pride were too spent to stop the Voodoo offense from re-taking the game, as they comfortably ended the game with a seven-point lead. Kim set a new assist record for himself with 17 of them tonight, all while scoring 21 points and committing zero turnovers.

The victorious avian was all smiles during the post-game interview, thanking the team's management for the promotion. "Tonight really meant a lot for me... I really wanted to make Korean Night count, and I'm glad that I could do so." When asked about the uncharacteristic first quarter, he replied, "I was looking forward to seeing someone this game, but they didn't show up until the start of the second quarter... after that, though, I was ready." It is believed that this was a reference to Yoorin, member of popular all-avian girl group Flight, who was in the stands for tonight's game along with a few other Korean celebrities; Kim was reported to be in a relationship with her a few months ago.

- S. Masterson

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