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The Pride may be from Queens, but the Typhoons have queens of their own. Between coach Hildegard Tetreault and the recent promotion of Narkissa Kassius (Ringtail Lemur, G) and Rosalie Smoot (American Bison, F/C) to co-captains, the Tallahassee Typhoons have the only all-female leadership in the league. The surprise move by Tetreault after the conclusion of the regular season was unconventional - and therefore par for the course for the hybrid.

If the move was an attempt to give the team a shot of adrenaline moving into the playoffs, it appears to have worked. The Typhoons have already advanced past the higher-ranked Tennessee Moonshiners and with tonight's convincing Game 4 performance, the longshot Typhoons now comfortably lead their second round series over the Queens Pride 3 games to 1.

Tonight's game belonged to one queen in particular. Smoot was a shot making machine from the moment her shoes hit the court. The bison dominated her Pride opposite, two-time All Star Adam Tevela (Linsang, F). The two could be seen exchanging words before the opening tipoff; what was said has not come to light, but whatever Tevela's intent it appears the only real result was to light a fire under Smoot. She showed the linsang no mercy. Overall, Smoot took nearly 30 shots on the night. Even with an effectiveness of less than .500 she still sank more field goals than any other player on either team.

While the Typhoons grooved the Pride struggled to find a rhythm all night long, with a number of their stars barely showing up on the scoresheet at all. Xavier Knutten (Squirrel, G/F) and Zoie Wilds (African Hunting Dog, G) are good, but not enough to carry a team on their own.

The Pride out-stole, out-rebounded, and had a significantly higher shot percentage than the hometown squad, but at the final buzzer the only numbers that mattered were in favor of the Typhoons: 94-86.

Long live the Estrogen Empire.

I'm gonna need to buy a tank-proof car, aren't I?

-S. St. James

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