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II'm Chris Whalen, your panda in the press, coming to you live at the Arctic Tundra Arena for the first game between the Alaska Arctics and the Seattle Summit in the FBA Western Conference Quarter Finals. It may be cold here in Anchorage, Alaska, but things are heating up in the first quarter of what looks to be an exciting match here today. The Arctics start out strong with Cliff Matthiews leading the pack in scoring. But a surprise comeback from Seattle lights a fire under both teams as they trade baskets. The stadium is already on their feet as the first quarter closes with Seattle squeaking ahead by a single point. Jeri Naranjo scoring 13 of Seattle's 28, while Matthiews comes away from the quarter with a solid 9.

The second quarter is an eruption of sound as these two west-coast teams go head to head. Home court doesn't seem to give the Arctics any advantage as Seattle small forward Niko McNamara steps up his game, putting away 14 points before the end of the second quarter, with Jake Turner and Daniel Quvianuq putting 3 rebounds up each in this period. Ogun Okayu wakes up this quarter and matches McNamara's points basket for basket, and even with Mason Yoder's 4 rebounds, the Summit still manages to pull away for an 11 point lead by the end of the half. Tragedy strikes, though, as an unavoidable collision near the end of the period causes McNamara to leave the court bleeding. This isn't good news for Seattle, but Arctic fans are thrilled to see the Summit lose one of their starters. Hope the kid is okay. We end the half with SEA 55, ALK 44.

Hi, and welcome back to the action in Anchorage Alaska, where the Alaska Arctics are facing the Seattle Summit. I'm Chris Whalen, your panda in the press, and we have had such a great game so far. Just before the half, Niko McNamara left the court bleeding from a laceration on his ear. We're told that he's going to be okay, but better to be safe than sorry, he's going to be sitting out the rest of the game. Kinny Demarcus will be stepping up in his stead to continue on for Seattle. Despite being down a fur, the Summit continue to rise to the occassion. By the end of the quarter, their top scorer is Jeri Naranjo with 30 points. Alaska's highest scorer, Ambrose Slade, is trailing behind at a respectable 24 points for the night. Seattle grows their lead by another 4 points to 15, as Alaska's 29 points this quarter can't match Seattle's 33. SEA 88, ALK 73

Welcome back to the last quarter of the first game between Alaska and Seattle here in Anchorage. What I thought was going to be an evenly matched game has turned out to be relatively one-sided. Seattle has been ahead this whole evening, much to the surprise of the fans here at the Arctic Tundra Arena. The Arctics are struggling to hold on as they look for any advantage they can get on Seattle. The Summit has held on, despite losing one of their starters, but now they look tired and bedraggled. DQ and JT, the double threat, have put up another pair of rebounds each, but it's clear the synergy is breaking down a little as Alaska just chisels away at Seattle's lead! The tag-team pair of Slade and Matthiews is just a sight to behold, as the rest of the Arctics work to get them the ball. Mason Yoder and Kilisimasi Fu'afu'a each have an impressive 7 rebounds each, now. Every missed basket for Seattle is an opportunity for Alaska, as the Summit barely get by with 20 points for the quarter. The Arctics put up almost twice as many... which may be just enough to--

YES! Otis Najac with a surprise, buzzer-beating 3 pointer brings us into overtime! The Arctics manage to claw their way back, and bring this game into an extra period! Seattle and Alaska tied at 108.

Going into overtime, both teams look tired, but the tension is palpable as you can tell both teams want this critical first win in the series. Margaret Walters steps up her game for Seattle, putting in a pair of baskets and earning 33 points overall for this game. But Slade and Matthiews aren't about to let their hard work go to waste. Alaska is pulling out all the stops, and should have an easy victory here... except...

Ouch! What a time to blow your coat. (Do lynxes even blow their coat?) Matthiews must be sweating up a storm, because he's starting to shed something fierce. It's actually become a hazard to two other teammates, who have slipped. I hate to say it, but he may have to sit the rest of the game out, at such a critical time, too. Things are a little more evenly matched, now, but both teams are exhausted. After trading a couple more baskets, Alaska holds onto their lead by a single point to win the game, a well earned victory after being down for so long. Player of the game is of course, Cliff Matthiews, with 31 points, 2 rebounds, 12 assists, and 1 steal. Final score: SEA 115, ALK 116.

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