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Here's Julie Maccabi (mule deer,female) reporting live for RDSA! Riverside Arena was particularly loud in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada, as the Voyageurs were coming back to the playoffs for game one of there Conference Quarter-Final series against the Santa-Ana Spectrums. The Canadian team led by there captain Yves Carbonneau was set to try to make theirs fans forget their recent playoffs woes has perhaps the spectrums was their remedy, having beat them in their last meeting back in 2010. The crowd defiantly seemed to lift the team right from the start, as Power forward Kevin Malka would register the team first points on a massive outback dunk after a missed shot from Carbonneau. Eventually the Spectrums would recover and score a few of their own, led by the shooting accuracy of Additya Aggun. But the Voyageurs would answer on every offensive attempts from Santa Ana, as the first quarter would end with Winnipeg leading 33-29. Malka led the charge with 14 points as Santa Ana's Aggun responded with 13 points.

Here Julie Maccabi again as we return to Winnipeg for the second quarter of game one. Winnipeg seemed to continued where they left off in the last quarter, as the energy of the crowd didn't relented. The voyageurs solid passing game between Kim,Carbonneau and Sanfter kept the spectrums on their heels as Malka continued to be a presence inside the kennel, giving rookie sensation Tyrese Vaughan some trouble in his first playoff game. Soon the Spectrums tried to play a little more physical to slow the voyageurs down, as Lee-Jing Sung from the Spectrums would make his presence felt into the game as well from mid range. But again the Voyageurs would continue moving the ball well as Malka continued to be at the right place as the right time, finishing the half with 18 points and 5 rebounds. Lee-Jing Sung would keep Santa Ana in it with 18 points, but the Spectrums had some work to do, Trailing at the Half 65-59 against the Voyageurs.

Back in Winnipeg for the third quarter! The Spectrums coaching staff(especially Onca) might have had some big pep talk to give to their team, as it seemed like Santa Ana was playing way diffently this time. The group of Veterans started to step up as the Voyageurs scoring chances were getting limited this time as the defense has sharpen up. Vaughan and McDyess where starting to connect more and Anggun remained diligent in his passing game as much so that Santa Ana eventually tied up the game at 91 all late at the end. As Voyageurs had last possession, a mellee occurred at the spectrums side as a lose ball ended being recovered by Aggun, which passed to Sung in transition and nailed a 2 point buzzer beater that left the Riverside arena stunned! As the Spectrums celebrated on the bench, the score at the end of the third quarter was Spectrums 93 , Voyageurs 91.

The Voyageurs were looking for answers as the final quarter was beginning, with the Spectrums having gain the momentum. It was apparent that things needed to be changed quick, as McDyess and Sung continued to by dominant and started the quarter on a 6-0 run. Winnipeg then had a timeout as soon captain Carbonneau seemed to try to rally his teammates with the help of the Winnipeg coach, Trees Kalin. As the game fell midway the court quarter, both teams would battle hard as the Voyageurs kept climbing back at Santa Ana. The voyageurs returned to what help them lead the start of the game as some great passing kept the voyageurs scoring clutch shots, as the crowd of Riverside arena lit up once more. It then came down to the last seconds of the game, as the Spectrums took a 121-120 lead on a McDyess free throw. Carbonneau would lead the Voyageurs back into Spectrums territory under heavy coverage. Then as seconds melting away, Carbonneau made a quick pass to Kim that threw a laser to Malka that managed a buzzer beating layup winner that erupted the Arena into a Frenzy, as The Voyageurs won game 122-121 against Santa Ana. Player of the game was the Winnipeg Hero, Kevin Malka with 28 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 steals and 2 blocks. Santa Ana was led by Lee King Sung with also 28 points, 2 rebounds and 4 assists.

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