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Hello and welcome to game one of the Western Conference matchup between the Las Vegas Wildcards and the Edmonton Totems. For the wildcards this was a series to redeem themselves after having lost the conference lead they had held for a couple months. For the Totems, they wanted to prove that they were back in prime form after their disasterous previous season. And right from the start Li Ho Fook from the Wildcards and Kasa Yalenchka from the Totems decided to take it up into their paws to try and set the pace. Both guards frequently took shots at the net and by the end of the quarter both players had half their team's respective points with Fook having 8 of the Wildcard's 17 points and Yalenchka having 9 of the Totems' 18.

The second quarter showed a drastic change in strategy from both teams. With each team starting to focus down these two players a bit and the two of them also taking some time to rest it was the rest of the teams that started to shine in the second quarter. For the Wildcards, the center Lee Baraquin stepped in, finishing the quarter with 10 points, 4 rebounds and 2 assists. For the Totems, however, the entire team was contributing far more, with the point guard Hirvonen ending the quarter at 12 points and 3 assists, both Romanoren and Baumhauser ending at 3 rebounds. Las Vegas 32, Edmonton 36.

With halftime over the two guards Fook and Yalenchka decided to up their game and increase the pace of the game. Whereas both teams started at a somewhat slow pace and now both teams scored over twenty points in the third quarter, with the two guards being a good majority of those points yet again. At the end of the quarter Fook had gotten up to 20 points, doubling the points he had scored in the first half in one quarter. Yalenchka, however, was only up to 18. But with the focus on the Totems still spread around a lot more the Totems managed to squeak a little bit further ahead, ending the third quarter with Las Vegas 53, Edmonton 58.

With the game on the line and starting with a 5 point deficit Vegas decided to change priorities and spread the points around while Edmonton tried desperately to hold on to that lead. But that wasn't quite enough as despite Yalenchka scoring another 8 points for her team, Vegas managed to get to a two point deficit with less than 30 seconds left. And with a foul to Romanoren brought that deficit to 3. But with a timeout and a quick pass to Maxwell managed to bring the matchup to a tie, a tie that Edmonton wasn't able to break before time ran out. Las Vegas 76, Edmonton 76.

And now we go into overtime. The Totems were decidedly annoyed at the situation and were not going to let game one slip away from them. As a result the coach had them all push themselves to the limit. The result of which ended with three of the Totems starters injuring themselves over the course of the 6 minute quarter. But the efforts still paid off with Edmonton winning Game 1 in overtime. Final score Las Vegas 81, Edmonton 90. Player of the game Kasa Yalenchka, 27 points, 4 assists, 1 block.

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