2017 FBA Season/17.04.22/TXS@AZW/Capsule

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Love is in the air

Despite a valiant effort at a come back in the second half, the Texas Lone Stars fell to the Arizona whips. Marcus Knight and Lance Wildfyre being the top players for both teams respectfully. The highlight of the evening however came in the form of a marriage proposal between Tobias Macklin (salamander,G) for the Arizona Whips and Lindsey Morrison (Collie, G) of the Texas Lone Stars.

When the final shot was made Tobias came to the center court with a microphone his girlfriend and, with the entire stadium watching, made a very passionate speech. Then got down on one knee and an popped the question which was met with a yes, wild roar of approval from both the crowd and both teams, and a kiss that matched the passion of any game.

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