2017 FBA Season/17.01.07/SEA@HWI/Capsule

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The Summit was trying to keep the momentum going has they looked to earn a 4th straight victory while visiting the Hawaii Kahunas. It was fairly important has they need to gain ground in order to keep up in their competitive division.

Right from the gates, it was a close contested affair, but was still at the advantage of the home team Kahunas, as they where leading 57-52 at the half. Masalia, Doyle and Barrett where particularly clicking well in the points department, as their shooting percentage was fairly high, while the usual duo of Jake Turner and Dan Quvianuq where doing its best to keep the Seattle team in it.

But in all there was one notable thing that reached its peak tonight: Prior to the game, the Summit's new Rookie, Natalie Bellemare lit up twitter in a flurry of strong opinions, pointed not only to the Kahunas, but more especially Julian Cross-Kiraly, reported to have been teammates during their college runs.

The avian took her words to heart, playing a very aggressive game, rough on defense in every occasion she got to the point of gifting the locals with some free throws via her fouling, much to the dismay of some of her teammates. But nothing seemed to stop her at that time, and was getting at everyone's faces. Everything came spiraling down at the fourth quarter, as she went on hard on the saluki on a block attempt. Natalie started arguing with an aloof Julian, followed by an unprovoked physical altercation caused by the puffin, which had both teams come to the court to break things up. This led for Natalie to be ejected on a Technical, the rest of the game going along without her.

This allowed the Kahunas to eventually pull away in the final quarter, as Hawaii would win 114-105. Sconnie Barrett was named player of the game, earning a double-double with 22 points and 13 rebounds. Jake Turner was the top Summit player with 20 points and 11 rebounds.

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