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Hello Ladies and Gentlefurs, this is Zane Donovan bringing you the latest in FBA goodness! Tonight, we had a hot battle as the Albany Alphas faced off against the Biloxi Voodoo in a battle of two big East solid competitors, but only one would come out on top!

The game started off incredibly tight, as Craig Reinhardt won the tipoff and set himself to debut the scoreboard, but his attempt was quickly rescued by his fellow feline rival Viran Kivar, who got the rebound and managed to open the score for the away team. From the get go, you could tell both teams opted to up their ante on the defensive side, with both Reinhardt and Timur Tomilin scrapping the boards early on. Nevertheless, we did manage to see some great shots, from superstar Rodger Umaechi hitting a marvelous 3, to Michael Porter assuring the home team closed up with a single-bucket advantage.

From there, both teams tried their best to outdo and shine over their rivals, with multiple attempts at flashy 3 Pointers had, but many veering astray. The crowd got up on their feet as Reinhardt blocked Kivar so hard some almost thought he'd be injured, but it was only a scare, with the car enthusiast going in the line for an easy two points. Lee Evans took some charge, not only collecting the Alphas' failed shots, but making sure they reached their shooter's hands. The Alphas picked up on their rivals' dynamic with Apiatan Redmane and Tomilin becoming particularly productive in the coming third quarter, determined to kill their rivals' lead, as the current champs made the 3 Points rain during this quarter. Aragon Fisher and Gerrit-Jan Pretorius attempted their best to reply, but on this quarter, the Alphas were a footpaw ahead, managing to succeed on the catch up.

As a shot by an ever-improving Akiak Pratt assured both were tied up to the last stretch with 62 a piece (with an attempt by Umaechi to give them the lead brutally blocked by Brandon Dreyvus), Captain Evans called for a timeout in order to set everyone's purpose straight. It is notable that there is no cats vs. dogs dynamic in the Voodoo; both GJP and "Onca Jr." heeding to his timely orders, as well as Evans letting the big felines' full-frontal and brunt game complement his calculated approach. From there it was a constant tandem, for then the Alphas sunk a bucket, the Voodoo did the stuff they do and reciprocated.

The home team was down by one, with only a slew of seconds to spare. Tanya Feckle stood on the faraway left corner and, despite the constant attempts of screening by the Alphas, took the shot. Feckle some would say has been a bit off in her shooting this game, but that was soon forgotten as her only successful attempt from the woods was good, giving the home team the 87-89 and, following a clunky attempt by James Frestrikial to tie it up later, the Voodoo got the big W, as the crawdad arena got their ticket's worth, with an exciting game and the final victory!

Craig Reinhardt is tonight's POTG, the southern division got a breath of fresh air after defeating the incumbent champions, feeling more confident in facing the upcoming Eastern Conference tandem that would went on.

"A team like the Voodoo certainly has something I haven't seen in others. It's like a blend of different styles that could be a wreck, but somehow win or lose it works. It is captained brilliantly, that's a fact!" Dreyvus commented to a reporter post-game.

Will that leadership turn the tides for this team in a tough Southern Division and make them reach the top? Stay tuned, furries!

~Zane Donovan. FSPN.com

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