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The San Jose Thrust, despite being considered one of the most lively and diverse teams of recent time, may not seem like an ensemble that gives much to assume at first, a decent-at-best track record in the season so far, but if you look close you'll notice they have been involved in some of these season's highlights: Their loss against the Hawaii Kahunas started their rival's winning streak and rebound from a streak of losses, and to this game's date, they are the only team who have beaten a steady Las Vegas Wildcards on theit turf. Tonight, they meet against the team with the longest streak, the Albany Alphas, in hopes to create yet another telltale result.

Even if the home team was invigorated, with a daring Timur Tomilin winning the tipoff and inaugurating the scoreboard, their opponents were proving they were only getting started. Between a good steal by Alessandro Serra to the signature player Rodger Umaechi for an easy fadeout, to the rookie-vs-sophomore hassle that went on between Jona Vastenhout and Christine Harfurd, The Thrust were proving to be hungry for the win, ending the first quarter with a two-basket advantage over the home team.

From there, the New Yorkers tried their best to play catch-up and find a way to regain a lead once again, with Viran Kivar being the overall highlight on this period, finding a way to snake past Vastenhout's "green moments" to net some shots for home. On the other side, Barnaby Jazz showed that coming from a lengthy injury was no impediment for him bringing his A-Game, catching every shot that was slightly off, racking the rebounds. But the most interesting player? Jonathan Lawyer, no doubt. The sophomore kat not only held his own versus the famous coffeehusky, but managed to outplay him in a couple of occassions, most notably a gambit when he fouled Umaechi, putting him on the line for two, but the famed canine only managing to net one free throw of the pair, ensuring their steep lead going to the last strech was by 2 instead of 1, in retrospect, a move that probably would have had all to do with the result that was to come.

With a score that appeared more like half-time total instead of last quarter one, the Alphas went all in, despite the strong opening with a 3-pointer by Lawyer aided by Vastenhout. Alphas were quick to response, with the rookie Akiak Pratt nailing the first of his four faraway attempts. With the Thrust holding a lead by a puny point with 1.9 seconds to spare, all was in the paws of James Frestrikial to seal the deal, who made a valiant shot... that bounced off the rim, Jazz scooping it up as the buzzer rang, signaling the end of the streak for the New Yorkers and a win for the Californians, amazed and estatic for the breathtaking upset; the big shark with his second POTG honor in a row for his great defensive skill, in what surely was one of the lowest-scoring games of recent time.

The Alphas will try to rebound in Austin against the Texas Lone Stars, while the Thrust will visit yet another powerhouse in the Bangor Tides. Stay tuned to this purple spoiler, people!

~Zane Donovan FSPN.com

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