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LIVE from Seattle, the Finals are slowly coming down to the wire! It's make or break! Will the Summit manage to equalize the scores and make it tough? Or will the Alphas earn that sweet away win and get themselves closer to a ring to start another decade fresh?

First Q and it couldn't be more exciting, lordy! Unlike other games, there is no superstar to be seen, as everyone made their best to pitch in and get their paws on that ball and that ball on the hoop! So much pitching, you could say that defense took a break from the spotlight. Aside from a block by Big-n-tall Daniel Quvianuq (Polar Bear, C), no action of that kind to be seen. The top 5 scorers have scored 5 each (make a wish, fellas) with the pink bison and coffeehusky on one side, Jeri Naranjo (Cacomistle, G), Niko McNamara (Meerkat, F/G) and the tallfox on the other. Keeping it tight, but a last minute shot from Apiatan Redmane (Water Buffalo, G) seals this tight quarter for the visitors!

Closing the first half and kittens are taking their mittens off cuz no one came to play! After the intensely contested first quarter, the Alphas decided they didn't come to play around and boosted the aggressiveness and flair all the way up to 11! Interestingly enough, both of the 1s in this games are new blood, but the difference is clear as one was snatched in the coveted #1 draft spot, while the other was a walk-on. Christine Harfurd (Puma, G) is living up to that draft position reputation by helping himself to the leader position on the scoreboard position with 12 points at the break, beating Jake Turner (Red Fox, C/F), who only has 10 in the first half. Seems that Albany is running away with the rook-on-rook game. Defense has picked up, as the big mammoth has 6 big rebs and DQ has 2 blocks.

Kicking up the 3rd Q it seems that Seattle is trying to hassle it the best they can, but things are looking dicey-slicey for the Summit, as the visitors seem to have answers for their every move. This constant 110% approach has its setbacks and it seems the visitors paid the price this time: renowned defender Doral (Gecko, G/F) went down with a nasty fall, with trainers reporting she'll have to miss out the rest of the game at least, with the final report landing the lizard on the short term disabled list with a sprained elbow. If you could say defense was taking a setback in the first quarter, you can confirm that theory in this one! All the buckets Seattle has done, Albany responded back as quick as a clingy mate! (I should know...Ahem). A tandem of threes! Dunks to decipher! Layups that don't let loose! For Albany, it's the rookie show, as Harfurd snatched 17 points to his name so far, followed by Turner with 16 for the Summit.

Coming down to the wire as the two team are going ballistic trying to secure this fourth game! The Firefox lit up the scoreboard trying his best to secure the W, but the combined efforts from Rodger Umaechi (Husky, F) and Christine Harfurd are keeping the Summit at a low peak! As predicted, this offensive barrage showed its setbacks, with several players going down: Treshaun Carnell (Nubian Goat, G), the aforementioned Naranjo and Ryan Ottley (Eurasian River Otter, G) from one side, and Ruq Göhten (Cricket, F/C) from the other. The trainers have all listed these players as day-to-day, though post-game reports have the goat and otter clear for the next game. Both McNamara and Redmane were making a rainforest out of those woods, while the superstars found their stride again and defense started kicking it up. But all was said and done when 30 seconds were left on the clock. In the end, Albany did it, and the east has proven themselves beast as the series now officially 3 to 1 in favor of the Alphas! The rookie cougar, managing to steamroll his fellow rookie competition, gathered enough to win himself the Player of the Game honors! Umaechi and Redmane both got nods from their efforts and, per usual, DQ and Turner with Double-Doubles for the home team in the five point loss.

-Z. Donovan

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