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Good Afternoon FBA fans all over! We’re here live in the Frump Coliseum in Albany for Game 3 of the eastern conference finals. The Keystones have been able to take a good lead in the series as they took a 2-0 lead after beating the Alphas convincingly in their home crowd. However, Rodger Umaechi and company are looking to make it even as they play in their home crowd, but can they do it without René Lacoste and Viran Kivar or will Pittsburgh dig the Alphas’ hole deeper? We’ll find out now!!!

The start of the game was very close from the tip off. With both teams having a solid start offensively. Shirley Takamoto started off hot with 3/4 shooting finishing the quarter with 7 points, including a solid 3 in the closing minutes of the quarter. However, Wayne Kirkpatrick struggled early on against the very much bigger Timur Tomlin as he was block heavily in an attempt to drive against the Mammoth. Umaechi also started off hot with perfect shooting in the first with 6 points as the Alphas lead by 1.

The game starts leaning towards the home team in the second quarter as the Alphas kept going strong with relying on their starting rotation more. Apiatan Redmane starts to pick up offensively as both he and Umaechi leads the Alphas to a 13-2 run. Even though the Keystones became cold throughout the quarter, Pittsburgh’s rising star Terrence Tolliver was able to keep the deficit within single digits. However, with both Redmane and Umaechi finishing with 12 points each and Tomlin grabbing majority of the boards for the Alphas, it’s clear that Albany is in control at the end of the first half.

The Keystones begins the second half of the game on a mission. After Takamoto became cold in the second quarter, the jaguar became hot once again as she lead a 12-3 run with 8 points, tying the game up. However, they were not able to take the lead due to the Alphas keeping furs fresh as they begin to rotate throughout the quarter. As we head into the fourth, the Alphas lead by two with Umaechi scoring 17.

The fourth quarter had nothing more than exciting pound for pound basketball. The Alphas tried their best to keep ahead of the Stones, but Pittsburgh kept up the pace throughout the beginning minutes. Takamoto was even able to take the lead for the first time in the game with a fast break three after a stunning block by Sonja Tinker. However, it didn’t take long for the Alphas to answer back as Umaechi tied the game back up with an alley-oop slam with the assist from Christine Harfurd. At the closing minutes of the game, the number 1 pick proved why he was that yet again after making a clutch fadeaway jumper against long time veteran Randy Catcher to give Albany a 4 point lead with 1:30 left in the game. The Keystones did the hardest to get an opening the next possession, but the Alphas’ defense proved too strong as Harfurd was also able to intercept a pass that was meant for Takamoto and feed it to Redmane for the daggering layup to lead by 6. Even with the three from Tolliver to cut the eventual losing margin, The Alphas were able to make this a series by taking game 3 with Timur Tomlin getting Player of the Game with 18 points, 13 boards (4 offensively), and 4 blocks.

-Marcus Baylor

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