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As the West gets settled down to start, the rumble in the East has gotten gnarly to say the least! It's obvious the Keystones do NOT want to be in a deja-vú. If the rest of the game is like this... whew... Fellas, the Alphas are going down the alphabet fast, as the home team is taking this game by storm. Kirkpatrick in particular is all over the place, assuring them a very early lead. Coffee Husky is the highlight of the Alphas, but they need to regroup pronto as is not enough to find their center right now, because the Keystones are going all in ever since that tipoff had place. Their starting line is a perfectly well-oiled machine that started in a steamroll. Will they be able to keep it up for all the game? Or with the Alpha groove come back swinging?

We're getting close to the second half, and so far the Keystones are trying to set it in stone early! Despite Frestrikial's leading on the defensive stats with 4 rebs and 2 blocks, the home team is still standing strong, the Tasmanian Devil taking it over by storm, both him and Dasher leading the scores with 12 a fur. As the other pinnacles like Takamoto and Freewell are standing strong, it seems the visitors need to get a grip, good god. The game's still young, so anything can change it up. Will the home team get cocky and shocked? Will the Husky wake up and surprise us? Will there be a turn of events or will the events stay will just as the Keystones want it?

Rag Jag back here, and while the Alphas seem to have caught a second wind, the hosts keep adding the pressure to their rivals.... maybe too much pressure, as the veteran leopard Center has gone down, clutching his thigh in pain. Despite this slip-up, the hosts seem confident in keeping the momentum as it's going to a close. Kirkpatrick has been the biggest beast on the court, with 22 points to his name. Umaechi leads the Alphas (per usual) with 17 points. Will this be it ladies and colts? Will Freewell be back in time for the away stretch? Or will this play off as a phyrric victory?

With their astounding lead, Pittsburgh takes it easy, trusting their bench on their later half, especially with Lance's incident. Alphas tried to hustle their way against the stream, but they end up paying some cuz of it: Coffee Husky and #1 draft pick Christine Harfurd klutzed out and had to miss the rest of the game, while Lt. Lacoste and Viran Kivar slipped out more notably, most likely needing ot visit the ward later off. The hoem bench isn't slackign at all with rookie Erik Kijani nailing 4 of his 5 hots and late pickup Ron Williamson snatching more points than minutes he was in. Tomlin attempted to hold up the fort but the deal was set. The Keystones defended their home successfully. Will they be able to coast through? Or will the Alphas come back swinging, being the team with the most cleancut playoff path to date? This has been Zane Donovan, and we'll see you in Albany!

-Zane Donovan

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