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Who Buffed Lance the Rabbit?

Recently, many a news sites have asked if his shorts were too tight or if his waist was on strike, but tonight, everyone was all about Lance Wildfyre (Rabbit, G) and his skill, showing that he could perfectly lead a team. This was a special game too, as the newly re-branded Whips went against the team the lapine called a home for years before the trades that followed last season.

The New Yorkers held their own on their first quarter in a heated exchange, but a whole different story came closing the first half. It wasn't sure if it was the absence of superstar Rodger Umaechi (Husky, F) or the severe injury of Susan Kruegar (Raccoon, F/C), but the Alphas played like chickens with their heads cut off (it's an expression, Poulletier), with Lance spreading steals like wildfire. From first pick Christine Harfurd (Puma, G), going over self-proclaimed "superstar" Vladimir Andreiovich Zhidkov (Siberian Tiger, G/F) to (and especially to) last season's revelation guard René Lacoste (Jackal, G). Lance threw some of his shots sure, but most of these swipes went over to playmaking and feeding his team for easy points. Albert Jon Middendorff (Kodiak Bear, F/G) being the main receiver, with a good amount of points under his belt.

Alphas tried to pick up on the second half, with special mention to Viran Kivar (Jaguar, F), who made sweet use of the main Arizona weakness many have noticed to shine through as much as he could, but the fate was sealed as the Plains team carried through a soldiering victory. If people don't think Lance ever made his mark on his tenure on the Alphas, the rabbit surely did tonight against them.

Lance can have his cake and eat it too, as he comfortably joins Zack Tate (Zorilla, C) in the Triple Double club.

~Zane Donovan

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