2016 FBA Season/15.12.29/QNS@ALB/Capsule

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This game should be called Battle for New York. Nothing like we've seen in recent FBA history where two teams showed their pride by having pink hair and corn rows while QNS fans has something to copy: Micah Davenport (Border Collie, F/G)'s red highlights. Surely, a lot of fans have been rooting for their favorite players. And considering that Christine Harfurd (Puma, G) has been drafted first proves that Davenport has a lot to prove and to show that skill and hard work can pull through. That was what the border collie has done here tonight.

There were a few epic battles worth mentioning. The battle between Valencia Zeraus (Lioness, G) against Harfurd and Rodger Umaechi (Husky, F) and Davenport. These two pairs have displayed a showcase of skill and a spectacle for all fans to enjoy. For the first three quarters, it was a hard, upward battle for Queens to pull ahead with Hailey and Umaechi being the dominant force in their scoring in the first quarter. Queens was able to close the gap by a possession at the half, making it 47-45, Alphas lead.

In the fourth quarter, there was an explosive amount of teamwork from Queens. Perhaps Zeraus was getting tired of losing and had to devise a plan for the team but she had to rely on the collie's playmaking abilities. Davenport succeeded in executing his plays and boy, was it amazing. The collie reacted quickly enough around the husky's plays, making his way towards the basket, passing Timur Tomilin (Mammoth, C), dunking with his paw grabbing the rim before letting his paw drop towards the floor. This is one of many battles in New York. Where the hell are the GMs!? They should be promos like this every time they get together!

~Curtis Matheson, FSPN

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