Product Endorsements?

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Product Endorsements?

Postby Khed » November 15th, 2014, 7:49 am

I'm thinking of writing a story in which Seba is somehow recruited to do a product endorsement for an Americanized Argentine drink (specifically, mate... and it turns out not that great). Thing is that I'm not sure how such arrangements are agreed on in the Real World, and I'm not sure what sort of restrictions/regulations apply to players. Anyone know how this stuff works?

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Re: Product Endorsements?

Postby JWolfman » November 15th, 2014, 10:44 am

This is just from what I know and not researched. The player's agent plays a huge part in finding endorsements for the player (this was the case of Michael Jordan and Nike... back in those days, Converse was perhaps the biggest brand of shoes in the market for athletics, until Jordan showed up with Nike). The player, in this case Seba, if he's going to be endorsing a drink, will be paid a certain percentage from the company (and his agent will get a cut of the pay too), and he will be obligated to appear for TV/radio/online photos/magazine photos/etc on a pre-set schedule of media appearances. If he fails to attend such, the company could sue him for breach of contract.

I've been following NASCAR for a long time, and marketing/endorsements is pretty much a major part of the sport obviously. One major important thing is obviously not to appear or use the competition's products. Pepsi sponsors Jeff Gordon, for instance... that's why you'll never see him in public drink Coca-Cola. It's like when my own brother got a job working as a truck driver for Coca-Cola... they told him to get rid of his addiction to Mountain Dew! XD

If you ever get the chance, watch what Jeff Gordon does after he wins a race and there's cameras on him on 'Victory Lane'. The Victory Lane section happens to be sponsored by Gatorade, which is a product made by rival Coca-Cola... so the television producers would place Gatorade products on top of his Pepsi-adorned race car. Jeff Gordon would come out of his vehicle and physically shove those Gatorade prop pieces off his car and then drink a long sip of Pepsi. Obviously, Coca-Cola complained to NASCAR about that, so in the next race that Gordon won... his team placed Pepsi-related cardboard props on top of his car, hiding the Gatorade props from the cameras (but at least he didn't shove them off!). Ingenious.

Perhaps the most important thing... the product has to be approved by the FBA! XD
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