Moonshiners Management Statement On New Policies

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Moonshiners Management Statement On New Policies

Postby Harlow » April 30th, 2018, 11:40 am

"The Moonshiners' Organization wishes to clarify the situation over the new measures that took place at the end of the season and will be effective on playoffs.

The new flag policy was implemented to prevent and separate any sort of political or offensive view from The Still's grounds (hence the language restrictions. While we congratulate and recognize the international community's effort in the league, it's difficult to confirm a foreign language's actual message on the spot, so it is mostly a preemptive measure in line with the statement policy). We take pride in focusing our energy and effort on honing the skills of our players, and we are focused in keeping the environment with as little distractions as possible.

Outside the court, with exception of behavior problems that should be standard across every team in the league, out players are free to live their lives. But inside the Still, we are seeking dedicated players that give their all to the team. It's how it's done since the management changed, and so far we have seen enough profit to determine it's a method we are sticking on for years to come.

We wish for this to not be misconstrued as bigoted or exclusionary, but rather us stating that we arrive in these playoffs with a mission. We are focused in giving Tennessee its ring back."

~T. Royall

Tennessee Moonshiners

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