Adam's Apology

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Adam's Apology

Postby JWolfman » March 2nd, 2018, 8:07 pm

After the 2018 All-Star Game, Adam Tevela sat behind a table, facing a crowd of reporters and photographers. He cleared his throat and starts reading from a handwritten piece of paper.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the press, I’m here to make an announcement… or rather, an apology. As many of you may know already, two women, Anne Verstappen and Corrie Bimoll, made claims that while I was vacationing in the island of Aruba, I had sexual relations with them when they were working as exotic dancers. Originally I denied such claims, and their claims that I had impregnated them…”

Adam paused at this moment, his eyes flinching from the flashes of the cameras. He sucked in a deep breath and sighed. “The reality was that I denied their claims because I was afraid of the actual truth and consequences of my actions with them. I felt that simply denying them and sweeping them under the rug, I could simply move on with my life, but I learned the hard way that it doesn’t work that way. The truth is, I am the father of their children.”

A few gasps arose from the listening reporters and Adam paused again. He clenched his jaws for a moment and then continued to speak. “A few months ago during my suspension over the incident with Yesina Selas, I came back to Aruba and confronted the two women and their lawyer. I did this without the knowledge of my agent, my coaches, teammates, family and general manager. Working entirely on my own and without anyone’s approval, I reached a settlement with them for a cash amount that I will not disclose here, so that we won’t have to go to court. In return, both Ms. Verstappen and Ms. Bimoll will no longer approach me or anyone in my network as they simply want to move on with their lives, and I want to move on with my own. As far as the matter is concerned, it is closed. There will be no more legal action concerning this case.”

Adam sighed loudly and crunched the paper into a ball within his fist. He sniffed and then looked back at the cameras. “I apologize to my family, my agent, my Queens teammates, my fans, General Manager Christopher Dunphy, and to everyone else for lying in public. I’ve let myself down, and I’ve let all of you down, and I’m fully willing to accept the consequences of my actions, whatever it may be. I promise however to control myself better, and be more careful with my own body and mind with others in the future. Thank you for your time.”

And with that, he solemnly stood up and ignored questions from the reporters as he walked away.
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