Behind the Scenes: One Last Howl - [Sterling Bengtzing]

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Behind the Scenes: One Last Howl - [Sterling Bengtzing]

Postby Harlow » October 2nd, 2017, 12:27 am

Treasure State Area

A tall, muscular figure made his way in the official locker room, the area totally deserted save for him. He sighed, a longing feeling deep inside of him. He passed a good chunk of his two years in this stadium, in this room, and the fact it was his last time was somewhat of a heartbreak. But Sterling Bengtzing already collected his last paycheck issued by the full-moon team, now officially bound towards his new adventure. He rolled up a suitcase ready to pack his stuff from his locker and leave, albeit it wasn't the only thing to be done in the mustelid's mind. He grabbed a small, but professional camera, setting it up, and filmed himself one last message for the team that started it all for his legacy.

"This... won't be easy..." Sterling laughed, looking at the lens. "So let's keep it simple. I ain't going over the reasons why one choice was better than the other, I already did that. So instead I'm saying this: Having my start here in this team is the best thing that has happened to me, and that could happen to everyone. Coaching let me develop, the staff was supportive all this time... it was scary on that first year, but boy did I make it work, and all the shit we got as a result. I came, and the Howlers became the favorites of all once again, hope ya retain it, and y'all be done and ready to pull it through again, and we'll meet up in a Finals in some point..."

Sterling's phone buzzed alive with a message as it did before. Ren, Coach O'Neill, Lashawn, Reggie, Vincent, all the team was constantly wishing him the best in his new endeavors. "'Sterling, you repped NYC so fucking hard and make the Howlers proud once again, hoping our paths cross up soon, but in the meantime, I'll kick your ass once we meet up again. Signed, Wescot'. Oh Wes... you better stay here in Montana, if this fucker leaves after I did, I'm comin for him... gonna fuck his day up..."

"Oh my locker! This shit's so messy..." Sterling rummaged through his locker room one last time, at one point deciding to hastily pack the bag. "Oh look... custom made for wide coverage and plenty of space..." he grinned, displaying one of his jockstraps to the camera before flinging it in the bag.

"Dammit, I got a lot of shit..." finally smushing in up in his bag. "I'll fold it later..."

The phone came alive with a message once again. "'Sup Sterling, it's the guys from Hooligan's!' oh fuck these people..." he sheepishly laughed, "'While we don;t agree with your choice of teams, what you did for us will stay for us for a long time. You paved the way for us to become the biggest damn Sports bar in all of the state and the Howler Beer is amazing. You're welcome at any time and we'll treat you like the Beast you are and we'll be sure to dedicate a little corner to your Voodoo shit. Signed. Brick O'D and H.P Hooligan's bar...P.S: Greenup ain't that bad of a bar-back.'" he smiled with that last quote, satisfied the homeless horse got his life back together of sorts.

"A lot of people asked me why did I put effort in that bar in my first year. I mean... why not? If I was gonna live in Billings, might as well help its case. That shit's being lost in the FBA or overlooked by lesser tasks, or confined on just basic charity. Pappa always said you gotta show love to your city and the city'll show love back. I hope you guys keep in contact with them. I'll text Ren and Lash up to keep em in check."

He positioned himself in the center of the locker room, a smile on his face. "Little do they know I did a bit of my own bidding in Sweden. Almost all the sportswear and clothes they offered for me there? I listed wrong sizes on purpose... well, my teammates' sizes. I also got a lot of shit when I was 6' 9" that don't fucking fit me anymore..." he said, getting boxes labeled with some of his teammates' names in front of their lockers. "Tops, shorts, sleeves, accessories, I got everything here, and all stuff is top notch brands. Got shit for Ren, Brax, Vincent, Reggie, Reggie your locker is so fucking messy what the fuck... I even got some shit to Christian, because I know he was very poor and didn't have a ton and shit coming to Montana, I still think he doesn't own a lot of shit now, so this'll help a bit. He always said we didn't have chemistry, but bitch, we got to the top 4 twice since we got together. And you seen the other teams? We had fuckin chemistry by spades, but in the own Howler kinda way. Maybe one day he'll look back and say 'Fuck, he was right...'. Oh well, best of luck to the medalist four-eyes, fella. And to all of ya kill em here in Billings and enjoy the Swedish swag..."

As the polecat left one of the cardboard boxes in front of the other locker, he sighed, looking who it was assigned to. "Fucking hell Lash, Imma miss ya the most. Ya a fucking Howler through and through. But ya don't need me to be fine... but if someone fucks up with ya, call me and I'll fuck with them even harder. You a bro for life now, man. And now ya ready to own this fucking team as an Alpha you are..." Sterling grinned, grabbing the camera once again, walking out of the locker room.

"HEJA HOWLERS!" he screamed at the top of his lungs, akin to the style of songs he used to listen constantly, shutting the camera off afterwards.

"Okay Sterls... here's hoping the two team cook ladies and the laundry boy are up around. They will love this shit..." he said to himself, showing three envelopes, with checks inside for plenty of money, even divided. "Last pay for the Howlers, and better fucking paying it back to these fellas."


Sterling's house

"Oh, here it is world, here it is, FBA... All-Star Howlereen, 2015..." the polecat said, getting the custom made jersey out and storing it in one of his suitcases. "I'm always going to treasure the fact that my first FBA game was not only a Howlereen, but a once-in-a-lifetime All-Star version, which my team won and I did fucking amazing. My first game, and it was next to guys like Knutten, Velox and especially Valencia, it was insanity... Iunno if Mr. Sadowski took a trip to Colorado before selecting the rosters, but I'm so happy he gave me that chance. Valencia and Knutten were so fucking supportive and gave me some serious advice for the long run... I feel I knew that, at that point, I was destined for big things... " he smiled. "We all gotta start somewhere, I just started incredibly..."

Sterling shifted his camera around, trying to get different angles of him storing his stuff, ranging from metal band souvenirs, to everything Howler he owned. "I didn't expect for the goodbye to be this hard. I had a ton of experiences and growing up done here. I revealed my burns, I exceeded expectations and I got to go places not anyone could have dreamed of. And well... as Lady Liberty has told me..." he mused, getting a Statue of Liberty figurine he brought from his New York home. "You're tired, you're poor, you're a huddled being yearning to breathe free...and I said 'no I'm not, I'm top notch!'... but boy... that cunt was right!" he shot a guttural laugh. "Lady Liberty never fucking fails... and now, after going through heaven, hell and back here to Earth, she lifted her lamp beside the golden door, out there for more..." Sterling sighed, jamming the figurine in his bag.

"Oh man... THIS woulda been fun to display..." the mustelid mused, as he got out a replica of a Crow War Shirt and a feathered ceremonial hat. "...These are from some fans from the Crow Nation, deadass after the final game of Montana vs. Dakota in that playoff series just came in wanting to give me this gift. Iunno how they got my fucking size. but it all fits like a glove..." the mustelid said, putting the feathery flock of a hat on top of his head, showing it to the camera. "I'll prolly wear this to a Dunk Contest routine in the future, maybe a mishmash of this and the Sami shit from the Sweden trip. SJWs bein pissed aside, those girls and guys will love it and say 'we exist, he remembers!' and all that." Sterling laughed. It was not long after the polecat was done with his bags, rolling them out one by one to the main door.

The polecat checked his phone one last time before leaving the house for good, all the furniture and the rest of the stuff needing to be shipped to Biloxi later. "It's been a great two years having you on the team, We believed in you since we drafted you and we're glad you didn't only made the Howlers proud, but proved the league you are top notch. We were hoping you'd stay with us, but I suppose this is the way it goes... I wish you the best of luck in your future. With Regards, your former GM, Art Sadowski."

Sterling shifted his hair, emotional, aiming the camera at his self. "Boss, without ya, this wouldn't be possible. Ya listened to this polecat, and this polecat fucking delivered. Words can't describe how thankful I am and all the experience I'll take for years. I hope ya kept what this polecat had to give, and ya will be fucking amazing for the future to come. Sterling Bengtzing, last day as a Montana Howler. Peace..." with that, the mustelid switched the camera off, getting the file read to be sent to the Billings arena.

He turned the lights off of his property, his Moober on the door, waiting for the polecat to be done. He looked back once at the house, the memories never fading, the years past, the experiences won. The Howlers were always going to be in his heart. But for now, as his father before him, a move towards possibly bigger things awaited.

Biloxi, here I come.

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