FSPN - Diablo Chavez III The Wildfyre Problem

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FSPN - Diablo Chavez III The Wildfyre Problem

Postby DeCr3ature » August 28th, 2017, 12:43 pm

The Wildfyre Problem

By Diablo Chavez III

Arguably the best player in this year’s free agency class, Lance has gone from undrafted prospect to MVP candidate over the course of his career, a remarkable feat. Oft depicted as an overweight, food fanatic fool, he is actually one of the speedier and more agile players in this day and age. His ability to read passing lanes combined with his lightning fast hands are part of the reason he led the league in steals this past season. In addition, he proved that his height does not hold him back on the perimeter either, sporting the best percentage from behind the arc in the league, and helping the Whips to the #7 ranked three point shooting team. It is actually surprising that Lance opted for contract renegotiation, not because he was being criminally undercharged for his services, but because it came out of nowhere to surprise the league. What’s done is done though, and it now gives many teams an opportunity to pursue a top 3 player in the league.

Lance is a $20 million player easily, one of the few players in today’s league that is worth such a pretty chunk of change. Surprisingly, many teams can afford such a price tag this year due to shrewd spending in previous Free agency periods. Of those teams, I believe Texas, Plymouth, and Arizona have the best chance of acquiring his talents.

Of these, Texas posts the best case scenario for Lance. Texas retains most of their starting line-up from the previous season, and has nearly 50 million dollars in cap space to spend. Plus they have a star in current otter extraordinaire, Marcus Knight. Putting the two of them together would be one of the most dangerous duos in the league. Texas wouldn’t be too far a move from Flagstaff, and they are in a far better position to win now than the Whips are. They have the money to pay him, the talent to back him up, and have shown smarts in the front office. This would be the best case for the rabbit.

The case for Plymouth is made that they have three stars in Buckner, Toivoinen, and Caracal. Adding Wildfyre to the lineup would make for arguably the best starting lineup in the league, regardless of who they procure for center, and perhaps one of the best in league history. The problem with the Taproots is two-fold. Their lackluster front office performance over the recent years, and the “small” problem of needing to sign at the very least an entire bench, rotation players, and reserves with a little over $53 million. It’s possible, but a stretch.

The final team that really has true contention [though not necessarily a good idea] is the Whips themselves. Resigning Lance is quite possible, and very foreseeable outcome. Lance from all appearances, enjoys Arizona. The issue here is, that this would be a very poor move for both the Whip’s and Lance’s futures. Lance just turned 25 years old, entering into the prime of his career and physical ability. Arizona is not in their prime. In fact, they are in a decidedly rougher position. They have a number of aging players with bloated contracts that don’t end in the near future, limiting them to just 40 million dollars in FA, while losing 9 players. They finished this last season at 30 and 50, even with a top 3 player. The team is at a crossroads, and they only have one path forward. Rebuild. They have a potential future centerpiece in Morgan McCarthy if they resign him, which from all views, seems to be nearly concrete. He’s not at that point yet, but he may be in the future if he develops correctly. Arizona also has the number 7 draft pick in this years draft where point guards and forwards are in abundance, so they should secure a good prospect. In this lies the point of resigning Lance. He’s entering into what should be the best years of his career. He cannot do it alone though, as demonstrated by this past season. In Arizona, he will be alone. The Whips will be harmed as well, most likely ending up at low playoff if they are extremely lucky, or lottery pick around 8 to 10. They will be in no-man’s land, the worst place for a team to be. They need to say their goodbyes, and cut ties with him, so he does not waste away his premier years on a team that needs to tank and get high draft picks to ensure a future once their current bad contracts are gone. It may seem harsh, but it is something they need to seriously consider. A possible way they can still get something out of this is by doing a sign and trade with another team, possibly Plymouth. If Lance agrees to it, sign and trade him to the Taproots, for their number 5 overall pick, and/or perhaps Erik Toivoinen if they can work that out. [He has requested a trade from the team, after all]. That would be the best case scenario for the Whips, if they could achieve that. It would give them many young players to develop, and a front court for the future, and ensure that they get something out of this ordeal with Lance.

In the end, there is not much that we know regarding to Lance’s situation, considering it was not expected for him to submit for contract renegotiation. It will definitely be interesting, and more teams than the one I have mentioned here will most likely be pursuing this rare opportunity. When it comes down to it, only Lance can truly say what he will decide. All we can do is watch.

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