Crazy Game of Poker (Dylan Redfield Story)

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Crazy Game of Poker (Dylan Redfield Story)

Postby Wendingo » September 6th, 2015, 9:18 am

Crazy Game of Poker

Written by Wendingo

Dylan is cc me
Everyone else is CC Madworld and CC the FBA

June 17th 2015

“The fact of the matter is, you can’t stop me.”
In any game of poker, information is the key. Sometimes it’s okay to lose a hand or two just so you can learn how people play. Get to know who barks aggressive, and who limps off when their bluff gets called. You can lose a battle or two, as long as you keep the grand campaign in mind.

In this game of poker, it was just the three of them together: no lawyers or yes-men. Simple on the surface, but with high stakes and careers on the line. And as the Buck at the table, he was the first to lay down.
“Guys, with the Collective Bargaining Agreement ending next month, I’m no longer an FBA employee until it gets renewed.”

Dylan Redfield smiled and played his cards slow, testing the duo for reactions. His head coach, Bud Boorman, shook his head and turned away, he knew what was coming. Dakota's general manager, Ben Bracy, just furrowed his brows and puckered his lips. Dylan smiled as sweet as fawn. A part of him just itching to jump in and get his words out.

Holding up a handpaw, Dylan started counting his fingers. “Which means... I can go skydiving, I can go rocket sledding, I can - ”

“Are you kidding me?” Ben Bracy interrupted, fuming. “No, you are NOT doing this, Dylan! Hell no. You are not going to play football! You are not joining the UFFL. There is no precedence for this, and we will fight tooth and claw if we have to.”

Ben made his intentions crystal clear with a fury of words and aggression. But more important to Dylan, the Donkey had shown his steam, giving away where he stood in the game.
Bud put his hand on the GM’s shoulder and gave him a hearty shake, trying to get the donkey to calm down. He turned to Dylan, the buffalo lowering his gaze, trying to catch the red deer’s eye. It was a calmer demeanor than his back-office counterpart . Perhaps one that might listen to reason.

“Dylan…” Bud tried, attempting sound more fatherly than his authoritative position would give away. “Your insurance is paying a healthy part of your salary in the event of a strike. It is more than enough money for private training sessions and facilities. If it's about money, we can -”

“It’s not about money, Damn both of you, you know that.” Dylan snarled.

“Then what is it about? Fame?” Ben continued, standing up to look down at the red deer. “You got that, Red. You are one of the best in the league. Glory? You’ve rebuilt yourself. Everyone knows how hard you’ve worked. You have so much going for you right now. So why? Why! Why do this when so much could go wrong?!? You could get hurt, and then where would we be? Where would the fans be? Where would Dakota be?”

Dylan sighed and stalled for time, his eyes darting back and forth from his General Manager to his Head Coach as he considered how to respond. There was a moment of awkward silence, then the deer continued on with the round.

“Legally... if the contract is void of payment, it is void of conditions, too. That is why some FBA players, like Scoonie Barrett , are talking about joining European leagues this fall. Ergo, I’m also allowed to pursue part time employment, in the UFFL or elsewhere."

Bud made a face, frowning at the deer’s lack of a real answer and hiding behind legalese.

“Dylan, that doesn’t get us anywhere… just be open with us. Why?”

Ben didn’t wait for the deer to reply to his comrade’s question.

“To hell with it, Bud. This is fucking stupid and we all know it. Stupid.”

While the tone was no longer aggressive, he wasn’t pulling any punches with his words. One didn’t get to be the General Manager of the Bikers by being friendly, after all.
Ben put his hands on Bud’s shoulders motioning for him to calm down.

“Even - even if you try to go there"Ben started, his voice raising ever so slight. "There’s no chance a team will sign you, or even play you. You are months behind knowing any playbook, let alone conditioning and drills. And… well, you’re a marked buck. Every pred in that league is going to eat you alive. They want to demolish you. Sideline you. Either to make a name for themselves, or for what you did to that red wolf.”

Dylan shook his head and folded his arms. His answer was the silence, as he slow-played the situation. Words were carefully formed in Dylan’s head, twisted and crafted with care, until he finally felt comfortable and ready. Only then did he play his hand.

“So that’s it, then?” The deer spoke his brow furrowed as his voice got louder. “You hold all the cards then? You’re just going to force my hand under “cause i said so”? You can lock me out of the training facility and cancel my medical insurance, but then you expect me to comply like a good little deer when you come calling? You expect to not pay me the contract, but live up to it when it's convenient for you anyway?”
Dylan paused for a moment, then with his tone lower and morose, ended his speech.

“So, again… either you sign your CPA and recall me. Or you don’t. And I get to live out my childhood dream.”

Ben and Bud sat stunned for a moment, letting those last few words kick in. That was quite a hand, alright.

With a clattering of steps, Dakota's elder statesman reared his head. Bernard Dwight, the longtime owner of the Bikers, entered the room without invitation. The old fox limped his way along to a seat at the head of the conference room’s table. Along the way, his eyes never left the red deer. With a big breath of air, the fox spoke with a command of experience and time.

“Young buck, you know we’ll have this whole strike mess resolved by the all-star game…”

Dylan raised a hand to speak, but Bernard motioned with his own, silencing him.

“I heard enough outside. Play your games with them on your own time. This is my team, and my decision."

Dylan’s blood pressure rose and his neck tightened, feeling the dull cut of the fox's sharp words. But respect Bernard, and let him continue.

“Son, We’ve known each other for too long. We drafted you as a happy-go-lucky rookie who had a history of… anger problems. We completely stuck by you when those anger issues came to light 3 years ago. Frankly, I don’t feel you are showing the same loyalty back to this team or, even me."

Dylan swallowed, and tucked his ears down. He couldn’t deny the sudden feeling of shame.

“Now, I know a few UFFL teams have talked to you already. You’d do well there.. especially given your past pedigree in the game. But you’re looking to overcome a massive hurdle here, son. You haven’t touched a football in years. Not since your college days am I right?”

Dylan turned away, trying not to make eye contact for a moment, just to collect his thoughts. But when he turned back, he faced a fox with a determined look on his face.

“Benard, I’m not joining the UFFL to try to be a star or take the league by force. I’m not going to make it a second career or anything. This isn't of a revolution or anything. I just want to compete, sir. I’m doing anything else with my time other than twiddling my thumbs and waiting for this strike to be over. It’ll keep me in shape and look good for both leagues.”

Ben tried again: “Dylan, see things from our perspective. We can’t let our best asset play for a rival.”

Bud spoke next, one after another, time. The two voices overlapping one another. “And we have absolutely no assurances you’ll come back when it is over.”

Bernard Dwight put his hand up once, silencing his front office.


And the trio went silent.

“Dylan, Answer me one thing.. Honestly. Why are you doing this.”

Both the red deer and the donkey ears’ lifted. Bud just shook his head. Then after a moment, the Buck turned aside. Speaking almost shamefully.

“ prove I can.”

Bernard raised his eyebrows. A half crooked look. Then turning to his front office, then nodding.

“But I have two conditions Dylan. You come back when called, and there will be no brotherly reunion. I don’t even want you playing against him. You stay here in Dakota where we can keep an eye on you.”
Bernard eyed Dylan close, then turned to Ben, raising his brows.

“You understand a thing or two about sibling rivalry don’t you Ben? That desire to overcome and show up in front of your brother? That at the least is a bit of common ground you both have.”

Ben pursed his lips as if he was sucking on a old grapefruit- knowing full well what Bernard was implying. Baltimore was know for the league's most valuable player in Aspen Redfield and their own General Manager, Brace Bracy. Both of them brothers to Dakota’s Dylan Redfield and Ben Bracy. It was common knowledge that Ben wanted nothing more than to secure a world title before his younger brother.

“So what does that mean?” Dylan said after a short pause. “That I get your blessing?”

“Not a blessing, Mr. Redfield. Just a nod and an agreement.”

It was evident that Ben and Bud were less than thrilled, but they both on the short stack to when their owner came in. If anything came out of today's meeting, it cemented that Bernard was calling all the shots.
“So, does that sound fair, Dylan- we meet both ways?”

Dylan’s heart began to pound and his eyes light up like a headlights in the fog. Dylan smiled and collected his winnings. Even if they were a split pot.

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Re: Crazy Game of Poker

Postby Wendingo » September 6th, 2015, 11:03 am

8/10/2015 - Fargo Axemen Practice Facilities.

"So here's the thing... you are over 24 so we can pick you up as an undrafted free agent without you having to go through the draft as a part of the five year rule. We can sneak you onto the practice squad and... if you do good enough we can save you for week two. That way you miss Baltimore and your brother. Ben was clear on that, he wanted to play down rivially as much as possible. Simple, quiet, no drama. I respect that."

Dylan smiled at his Fargo's head coach Kathryn Pellot. He couldn't help but make a crack. Quiet? You're not familiar with me are you?"

Katherine turned to the deer, arms crossed around her clipboard. Kathryn Pellot, Fargo's sophomore head coach looked less then thrilled with the job. It didn't matter that the deer absolutely towered over her, she was in no mood.

"Cut the crap Dylan, I'm trying to run a football team here. This isn't some stupid PR stunt or brotherly rivalry crap. This team made it to the furbowl finals last year, and were a possession away from winning it. Come hell or high water we're coming back there. And I have little patience for rookies or part-timers- a.k.a you."

Dylan frowned. Pursing his lips tightly. The deer had gotten better with learning to shut up over the years.

"I'm sick of the sibling issues. My star QB Is about as flaky as a french roll. She has enough on her mind with her dumbass little brother foxing-things up everywhere..."

Dylan smiled a little. "Oh yeah.. I know about Coby."

Katherine continues "And there is her teenage boyfriend who's back in YOUR league. Apparently that Taylor Swiftfox song Baltimore kept playing every time she broke a huddle is about her? "

Dylan grinned bigger. "No idea. But. Sounds like you got a real mess of a team here."

Katherine stared daggers into the taller buck. Hoping that for once, magical psychic powers would suddenly material just so she could end this conversation.

"Yeah, you'll feel right at home here."
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Re: Crazy Game of Poker

Postby Wendingo » September 6th, 2015, 12:47 pm

9/6/2015 -05:00

"So does anyone know?"

"Not really. Just my agent and a few guys from Dakota. I'm pretty sure I'm being used as a decoy for the first few weeks."

"You look good in pads Dylan. Just like your old college days. Don't get hurt out there."

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Re: Crazy Game of Poker

Postby Wendingo » September 6th, 2015, 1:01 pm

9/6/2015 - 17:00 - Axemen Stadium

"Good game out there Dylan."


"Sooooooo.... they want to talk to you."

"Who? The GM? I'm canned already right?"

"No.. The Media.."

"Why? I didn't do anything... CC didn't even target me and we got blown out by 30. No one wants to talk after that, not even if it is their first game."

"Are you kidding? You're Dylan f-ing Redfield. They want you on before Christina..."
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Re: Crazy Game of Poker (Dylan Redfield Story)

Postby qovapryi » October 8th, 2015, 9:32 am

Way too late on commenting this. I do like the storyline of Dylan going away to show he can prove himself (both as an answer to his brother getting UFFL MVP and being cornered by Malone in Dakota). Hope he can make it work without getting mauled until the strike is over :/

Also I loved that you mentioned Scoonie :) gotta do something about that real soon!

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