My Letter to the Incoming Committee

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My Letter to the Incoming Committee

Postby Wendingo » August 15th, 2015, 5:58 am

Hey incoming committee!

Congrats on getting elected! After a last year, it’s going to be good to get fresh faces in charge of the committee.

I’ll warn you now, its work, and too often, stressful work. You’re going to have to make some difficult and often unpopular decisions. And then you'll get killed for it. :p

To make your lives easier, I've constructed the following information packet for you. What you do with it, is entirely up to you.


First thing I recommend is for you guys to check out the charter and see the current ‘rules’ ... GZ6VKcDC-c

For normal stuff, you need a majority vote, for big stuff, a 5-0.

Any changes to the charter need a 5-0 vote and Commission approval.

Monthly Meetings:

What the outgoing committees used to do was typically meet once a month with an agenda, usually a Sunday and usually for (I kid you not) 3-5+ hours over Skype.

There was an agenda and meeting minutes were posted (you'll need a scribe!). Jaded and I have offered to sit in on your first meeting to help things flow correctly but what you do is up to you entirely and you have a room on Slack all to yourselves.

To-Do list:

Highly recommend you guys have some kind of notepad for people to keep track of what’s on the committee’s agenda and what you’ll be talking about. The todo list is a great source for that and the Committee stuff to talk about tab is a great spring board. If you need edit access let me know. But again, what you do is up to you. ... 1484346644

Stat Boosts:

The committee approves long term boosts, the commiss approves short term boosts. The committee is expected to approve mid-season stat boosts like last year and let people know if anything was rejected so they can rework it. Unless someone was too old or the boost didn’t make sense, this was pretty much rubber stamped and I added the results to the engine attributes.

With the committee’s permission, I can provide a survey for ease of collecting and approving these requests from the community to you.

Pending Decisions:

1) Break plan

Do we still need a 'break'?

Last year we felt the FBA was getting toxic and we collectively agreed, let’s take a long off season. Let’s move things back a bit so people can detox. We left it up to next year’s committee to decide the length and terms of the break. Maybe if things got better by the time the new season rolled around, this would be smaller.

Is there a shortened season? How does it affect the ASG/regular season/ playoffs? Ect

Since I’m running with the in-canon reasons for the strike, I’d like direction so I can plan accordingly. Its a fun in-character plot like that people are jumping on and enjoying. I would really like for it to drag into the season for atleast a week, if not more, as it’s a great writing prompt. But it’s entirely in your paws.

This also gives you a good excuse to recommend change the free agency structure’ if you choose. i.e. contract limits (no 6-7 year contracts.) no trade clauses, optional contract years. Ect ect. But Stevie needs to be involved here if at all.

2) Top 24 Draft Final Submission stuff

Low priority for now but - we need the incoming committee to finalize the outgoing committee's Top 24.

You can accept the outgoing committee’s rankings as is or make changes after Q’s combine / Buck’s CSL. As a guideline last year’s committee limited the ranking changes to 5 spots up or down and most stayed the same.

You can do whatever you want but 2 things to remember, next year’s committee is going to be able to edit your rankings and Stevie has the final say on approval and he can reject you.

3) Team Location moves

Dakota would like to be retconned from Sturgis to a different Dakota city one with more than enough people to fill a stadium.

Kres wanted to move Santa Fe back to El Paso.

Nightfire wanted to move Newark to Queens. (Albany asked for this last year!! :P )

Others likely...

This might make sense to do with a combination of the below:

4) Expansion

There was some talk of expansion next year to 26 or 28 teams. This would be better as we could use a more mainstream commercial engine and people are excited at the idea of it. However many people are against it as well. This would require significant planning and management and would be a large project.

5) Ousman Lee character

The outgoing committee received requests to retcon this character after he was accepted under the grounds that he is an ‘unacceptable hybrid’. in our votes, the outgoing committee disagreed and allowed him into the draft. If the incoming committee chooses to do so, the can wipe him from FBA canon and remove him from the draft.

6) Chains’ Characters

There has been some talk to retcon Chain’s characters as well. Similar to above, with the added fact that because Chain’s characters have been around longer, this would impact many existing stories. All of Chain’s characters are currently in free agency and not on a team.Chains spoke to me and didn't want to have his characters retconned because it would screw with past storylines, but his characters have made a mark on the league.

7) Damien Williams (Darkwolf's character)

Last year the committee removed Damien Williams and now Darkwolf wants to return. He asked the committee to retcon his testing positive for drugs plot point and we voted no. JT was working with Darkwolf to justify the drugs as a false flag but ran out of time. With respect to the outgoing committee (something you should consider :P ) we ask that whatever is decided, that the drug test stays as positive, that the league looks good and correct, but DW is allowed an ‘excuse’ if he so chooses (someone else doped him.)

8) Anthro New England

So the theme of ANE this year is 'Sportsball' and Pac is the Guest of honor. Because of this folks have been asking if we can do something special for it.

1) There's been some interest in doing an intro to the FBA/UFFL panel at FC/ANE - Can we have a blessing to do this? (myself, Tazel, Paul and Madworld would likely run it.)
2) CSL - There's been some interest in moving the All-star game to ANE – more a Stevie question really.
3) Newsletter- We've talked a bit about maybe doing a special newsletter this year for ANE a best of the FBA. Would we have permission to do this?

9) Creative Commons

Last year we paved the way towards putting the FBA assets into an opt-in, non-commercial creative commons license. Meaning Core FBA (teams/colors/names ect) assets could be used by anyone for non-commercial features (story’s) and commercial features. This has been a problem for the FBA because you own what you create, but if someone wanted to make hats for Seattle, they would need extensive approval. For some teams like Dakota, we’re not even sure 100% who the creator is. This may mean teams move around and change. This is a very large project and would need a lot of community buy in as well.

10) Making it easier for new contributors

One thing I’ve heard a lot of (especially from the UFFL people) is that the wiki is a mess and its not easy to learn about the FBA. We need some way for new people to learn about the FBA at a glance. Right now the biggest issue for the FBA’s growth is trying to learn about it’s rich history and background and how to get involved. The wiki has all the tools new contributors need, its just not in the greatest format for ease of use. This would be a mid-sized project for someone to take on.

11) Anything else you want to bring to the table.

Ifs effectively your league to improve now. Last year we did some amazing things: The charter, new engine, the groundwork for the creative commons. While many of us who are now on the outgoing team will still be around and doing great things, we hope that you continue the tradition of making the FBA great.

In closing...

I’d like to leave you with is something Buck once said to me.

Before you make a decision. Small, or game changing, ask yourself: Is this good for the FBA?

Does what I’m about to decide make the FBA a better place for the long term?

Trust your own judgement and you’ll be fine.

Good Luck


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