Copyrights and IP, references, and publishing.

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Copyrights and IP, references, and publishing.

Postby Bahumat » December 5th, 2014, 3:03 am

So this is a fairly general question for folks here, but I'm currently writing a few stories for an upcoming furry sports anthology due to be published next year, and I'm interested in referencing the FBA, as it's a project I really rather admire and am looking forward to contributing to.

Who, if anyone, and under what terms, are the teams and their information held? All rights reserved? Creative Commons? Etc. No information on this seems to be forthcoming.

I could very easily just write an entirely fictional team and league for my story, but I thought it would be nice to give the FBA the shout-out.

The hypothetical ideal plan is to write a story where a Sports Illustrated analogue happens to be interviewing a physiotherapist contracted to one of the teams in the league. (A character that, in the future, I hope to write into the FBA universe.) Do I need to contact someone specific to get clearance to reference the FBA and the specific team, for third party publication? Or is information such as team names considered to be Creative Commons / Public Domain / Whatever You Have Our Permission Go Already / etc?

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Re: Copyrights and IP, references, and publishing.

Postby MigeYeFoxe » December 21st, 2014, 10:56 am

Pretty sure it'd be creative commons. There was a point where Buck was trying to gather up all the rights so that it could be potentially sold as an actual video game but that project was dropped and rights given back to owners. For the most part to help encourage content the extent is basically just ask the owners of the people being used if they are okay with what you have planned for the story and then you're good to go. And for teams it is pretty public domain to reference the names of the teams and players, especially in reference what is public knowledge about such (how the team has performed, publicly known actions from other stories, etc). So for your idea whichever team you want just make sure to touch base with that team's GM first and maybe a couple of the players' owners and beyond that you're good to go.
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Re: Copyrights and IP, references, and publishing.

Postby Pac » December 21st, 2014, 12:40 pm

having tread these exact waters with less than stellar results, i can only say that it can be quite tricky. being that the FBA is at its core a collaborative and community based endeavor, with incalculable numbers and kinds of contributions from many people, utilizing any of its assets for anything beyond the use of FBA can be hairy at the least.

in the end, buck hopper hold the rights to FBA (FBA the "band" (?), not necessarily all the characters and assets in it (anymore, as mige mentioned)), so anything related to it beyond the use of the community might need to go through him. as well as anything else created by other folks. making sure canon and other folk's ideas are represented correctly is important to the community, and with a history of retconning and an opt-out option for those who no longer want to have their ideas involved with the community, putting something to print outside the FBA may or may not be an issue. i honestly don't know what kind of precedent there is for this, thus i am being pretty cautious in my response.

i don't anticipate offering a short story to an anthology being that big of deal, but it's hard for any one person to say for sure. when in doubt, ask buck!

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