Quick Reminder: Name your images on the Wiki!

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Quick Reminder: Name your images on the Wiki!

Postby Pac » October 18th, 2014, 9:10 pm

i'm not sure if it's actually mentioned anywhere on the wiki, but there's a semi-official naming convention for uploading art to the site. typically it's something like this:


example: AsterionBlazing_BuckHopper_CarrotJuiceAd.jpg would be a picture of Buck Hopper in a carrot juice ad, drawn by asterion blazing.

it helps annotate images at a glance, and makes the image searchable in the wiki. the description you add is also useful/searchable, so it pays to be mindful of the information you put in the file name and the description. also note:

  • underscores are treated as spaces. the wiki will not search partial words. example: searching "basketball" will not return a file named "furrybasketball.jpg", but it will return "furry_basketball.jpg".
  • you can rename your file and add a description before you upload it, but not after. you would have to "move" the page, while the old file redirects to the new page, if you wish to rename the file.
  • you can update any image (such as your player's portrait, your player's icon, etc) by clicking on the image, and clicking "upload new version of this file" under the file history section of the page. the file must be the same file type as the original. example: all player icons (PID###) are JPGs.

hopefully that's clear and helpful to folks editing the wiki. if any of this information is wrong or out of date, or if i forgot anything (or if this post is wholly unnecessary), let me know!

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