FBA Playoffs (SAS @ ALB) Game 4

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FBA Playoffs (SAS @ ALB) Game 4

Postby itsamadworld919 » July 8th, 2015, 8:27 pm

I don't think it's been officially posted anywhere (other than Chat), so I'll take the lead here... I want to make sure we are communicating clearly to everyone and anyone all major processes and decisions going forward. It is owed to you.

We realize there's been a huge delay and inconvenience to the community for this Finals week. And, on top of that, for it to be broken, revised, mishandled.... whichever verb you want to use. In that regard, we apologize greatly for that. Our decision to open up the last forum thread to the community was our way of giving you all a chance to decide how we would handle this situation, rather than just waiting around for whatever Committee decided to do.

By now, the full situation is pretty much explained and debated on the previous forum thread by Wendingo. Please read Wen's forum thread if you want more detail. http://furrybasketball.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1240

After running the poll, and a small conversation held between Stevie and the Committee, the decision was made to use the regular season FBA engine to randomly roll a result for Game 4. This decision was finalized by the Commissioner, but was reconfirmed as the highest-chosen vote by the community as well.

This meant that each team still had a chance to win this game, but as it turned out, Albany won Game 4 using this system. The current standings for Finals is now 3-1, with SAS still one game short of a Finals victory.

You can find the finalized results for Game 4 at the following link: http://furrybasketball.com/wiki/index.p ... n/15.07.03

The Charter says that the right belongs to the Commissioner to decide whether the results of a CSL game should be accepted or not. To remain fair toward stakeholders of Santa Ana (who have now had a series victory taken away from them), and in the interest of time, Stevie has chosen to accept the CSL results of Games 1 & 2, but reject the results of Game 4. In-canon, Games 1 and 2 will remain, but the CSL for Game 4 will now be, essentially, "thrown out the door". This decision was not easy to make. PLEASE TRUST US ON THAT ONE. But again, this was reconfirmed in our community vote as the most popular choice to solve this problem.

For Game 5, we hope to use the statistics and information provided by Adabune's engine to roll the results from here forward. Depending on how this will work, it may be a few more days before Game 5 is generated. We would like to recognize Ada for his involvement and research in finding the errors of our ways, and, as he would put it, "leading by example".

We may still use Buck's CSL engine for Games 6 and 7, if they occur. But it's in the Committee's best interest that we utilize the bune's research.

Once again, the Committee and Commissioner apologize for the problems, stress, and general lack of fun this is causing/has caused. Give credit to those who have truly gone above and beyond in serving up an interesting Finals and Playoffs series, and we're putting a very large footnote that CSL games need to be revisited and revised for the 2015-16 season so that this never happens again.


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Re: FBA Playoffs (SAS @ ALB) Game 4

Postby Wendingo » July 10th, 2015, 11:55 am

Right now we're waiting on Ada to see if he wants to run the game or not. We're in no rush since everyone is at AC.

For those who are curious:

We had 9 people who voted for reroll game 4
We had 5 people vote for re roll game 4 and keep the now retocnned CSL as game 5
and we had 6 people vote for reroll the entire series.

I can show logs/screenshots for security purposes if anyone wants, they're just on the other PC.
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