2017-2018 Primary Contact Applications

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2017-2018 Primary Contact Applications

Postby FadedForest » July 2nd, 2017, 5:55 pm

Hello everyone!

Going forth this next year we are altering the Team Management Staff. In previous seasons we have had issues of inactive GMs or HCs, leading to issues throughout the year. In hopes of alleviating this, we will be switching to a Primary and Secondary Contact system.

Primary Contacts must have been a part of the FBA (joined Slack, submitted player/character, etc.) for at least 6 months. Secondary Contacts do not have a time restriction.

Primary Contacts will have to apply for the position to lead the team, they will have the ultimate say in the team's decisions, outside of any Committee Canon decisions. They have the option to pick a contributor as the Secondary Contact. A Secondary Contact at the bare minimum will make decisions for the team if the Primary Contact is unreachable; however, that is not the limit to the role. It is up to the Primary Contact to set the boundaries and responsibilities between the Primary and Secondary Contacts for the team. It is perfectly acceptable for the Primary Contact to take the role of a Head Coach and only make Game-day Rotation changes and leave any Trade or Free Agency deals to the Secondary Contact, or any other breakdown of responsibilities.

When a decision does need to be made regarding the roster, e.g. a trade proposal, the Primary Contact will be the first person contacted. If they do not respond within the required time-frame then the Secondary Contact will be contacted and they will have the power to make the decision. If no Secondary Contact is selected for the team and the Primary Contact fails to respond in the required time-frame, then they will receive a strike according to the 3-2-3 Rule. If neither the Primary or Secondary Contact responds within the regulated time-frame, they both will receive a 3-2-3 Strike.

If interested in becoming a Primary Contact for a FBA team for the 2017-2018 Season please fill out the following form! https://goo.gl/forms/CBLjSv4FtkwmoM312

You can only be the Primary Contact for one (1) team. However, you may apply for up to three (3) teams in the form. Make sure to select the teams you are most interested in running. Any team that receives multiple applications will go to an anonymous community vote.

Thank you!
~FadedForest, Deputy Commissioner

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