FBA MEETING Saturday April 22!

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FBA MEETING Saturday April 22!

Postby admin » April 19th, 2017, 12:25 pm

Hi everyone. Based on the poll results, we will be having an organization-wide meeting THIS Saturday evening, April 22, at roughly 7:30 PM EDT/4:30 PM PDT. (Actual time TBD soon). We expect the meeting to last roughly 2 hours.

It is imperative for as many people to be there as possible. We're going over the current state of affairs, and will start discussing the direction the FBA is heading in under its new management. Preliminary topics include:

-Status of the current administration (updates on what we know)
-Discussing the current game engine
-Playoffs procedure
-Proposed structure/staff changes
-Growing the organization beyond our current members

We'd like as many people to be there as possible so we can have an open discussion. We want this to be a dialogue to help shape the future of the FBA, and want to share some ideas and thoughts based on your survey answers and questions you've posed in the last couple of weeks. If you have anything else you'd like us to discuss, please feel free to fill out the poll: https://goo.gl/forms/PS8vJWh7PsWAem232. Although the meeting date has been decided, you can still suggest topics and concerns you'd like us to address.

Thank you all, and we're looking forward to seeing you this Saturday!

Interim Commissioner
On behalf of the Committee

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